Are mimes really so hated

Kate Moss is one of the most successful models in the world. Some fashion critics even say she is "the most influential model ever". The British woman is beautiful, adored and coveted as a sex symbol by men all over the world. And suffered badly for years from the separation from Johnny Depp - which she now for the first time in an interview with the US magazine Vanity Fair admitted.

"I missed him for a long time. There has never been anyone who was really able to take care of me. Johnny did. I've missed that since I left him."

Moss and Depp were together from 1994 to 1998 and were considered Hollywood's most mysterious dream couple. While the model (meanwhile married to the musician Jamie Hince) wistfully remembers the time with Johnny Depp, scandal rocker Pete Doherty looks back on his separation from Kate Moss with mixed feelings. He recently said in an interview: "She burned my teddy bear. Totally sick, right?"

Burned teddy bears, broken hearts - breakups are never easy. And so the British model recalls the time after she and Johnny Depp went their separate ways 14 years ago: "I've lost the yardstick of who I can trust. Nightmare. I've cried for years. Oh, the tears."

The now 49-year-old "Pirates of the Caribbean" star prepared her for stardom and its downsides in their four-year relationship: "He taught me a lot about fame - that I should never complain and never explain anything. That's why I do it also not on Twitter and something like that. I don't want people to always know what's going on; that way you stay pretty mysterious, "writes the 38-year-old supermodel - in his new book of all places.

"Kate: The Kate Moss Book" is the name of the 443-page illustrated book. In this, the British top model is very revealing. Countless shots show her naked or topless on the beach, plus Moss: "As a teenager I hated my breasts like nothing else, I would have done who knows what not to have to show them."

The British woman is not on Twitter, but she knows how to put her messages in the right place and, above all, at the right time. But is her surprisingly open confession of lovesickness a timely PR coup or a rare glimpse into her apparently vulnerable soul? From her liaison with the publisher Jefferson Hack, her daughter Lila Grace could not only have remained, but also the right instinct for promoting a book.

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