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DECT Repeater Test - The best DECT amplifiers for wireless landline calls

With a DECT repeater, the range of wireless landline telephony can be increased considerably: cordless telephony with the landline telephone is guaranteed by a so-called "DECT standard" (which means "DECT" means: Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).

In addition to the well-known wireless Internet, there are also numerous other areas that are preferred over wired solutions. One area is landline calls without a telephone cable. If you have a DECT station, the radio strength of the signal transmitter can be negatively influenced by ceilings, floors, walls or large objects, for example. The result is that the signal range decreases and crackling, smoking or other annoying background noises occur when making calls.

A DECT repeater, or DECT amplifier, provides a remedy and ensures that the range is immensely increased both within your own four walls and outdoors.

To save time, you can now view and compare our top recommendations directly in our comparison table in order to make the purchase of the DECT repeater faster and easier.


Top 5 DECT repeaters in the test - which DECT amplifiers are recommended for wireless landline calls?

1st place: Gigaset Repeater HX DECT Repeater

The Gigaset Repeater HX ensures that the Range when making calls is significantly improved. The repeater is included Compatible with all DECT telephones and doubles the standard range these phones. The call transfer works seamlessly as soon as the range of the base station of the phone is exceeded; the conversation is therefore not interrupted and can be continued without any problems - even in rooms that would otherwise have poor reception.

The special thing about this DECT amplifier is that the phone calls additionally encrypted become. This not only increases the range of the phone, but also increases security. The Gigaset Repeater HX loads automatically new software updates and functionality when available. The installation of the device is very easy; the repeater answers automatically to the respective base stations of the telephones and can then be used with them - you just have to press the registration button.

To further increase security, the encryption is also being changed continuously. The Gigaset Repeater HX also supports Telephony via VoIP and is backwards compatible with the Repeater 2.0. He can also ask for more6 Gigaset Repeater HX can be expanded to achieve an extremely high range. In the scope of delivery of the DECT amplifier there is a operation manual, in which the installation of the device is explained again in detail.

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2nd place: AVM FRITZ! DECT Repeater 100

The AVM FRITZ! DECT Repeater 100 can easily and securely do the Range of your own DECT telephones increase. You can't do that just several phone calls lead at the same time, but also about greater distanceswithout losing the connection. The AVM FRITZ! DECT Repeater 100 is not just for FRITZ! Box models available, but also works with conventional DECT telephonesas long as they have a repeater function.

The special thing about this DECT amplifier is its flexibility. If the FRITZ! Box is used as a base station, the AVM FRITZ! DECT Repeater 100 can also be used for HD telephony, internet radio, podcasts and RSS use. Even the phone calls themselves are through increased security measures further protected and thus secure against eavesdropping - that is also possible up to three phone calls at the same time without any problems.

You can also use additional DECT amplifiers in different directions to further increase the range of your own calls. Also one installation Guide is included; it describes how to install the repeater quickly. The repeater itself is simply plugged into the socket and then works immediately. The DECT amplifier is also very robustly built and stuck in every socket; accidental pulling out or falling out is impossible. Depending on the range, it can also automatically can be switched between phone calls via repeater or base station in order to enable the best possible call quality.

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3rd place: PANASONIC KX-TGA405EX DECT Repeater 100

The PANASONIC KX-TGA405EX is a repeater that you can use to Reinforcement of telephone calls can use. So it is possible DECT telephones to make calls via greater distances to use by interposing the repeater. The device can therefore not only be used in Home area, but also in Companies or smaller businesses to improve the telephone economy.

The PANASONIC KX-TGA405EX can be completely just install and connect to the base stations of the DECT telephones. The DECT amplifier only works with it Cordless telephones, from the brand Panasonic; for example the KX-TG64xx or the KX-TG68xx. Thanks to its special function, the DECT amplifier can also work with some Fax machines brand can be used to increase the reach of these signals. With a line of sight is such a range of up to 300 meters possible; in buildings this range is reduced to 50 meters.

A Wall mounting of the device is possible without any problems. The PANASONIC KX-TGA405EX can easily be attached to the desired location without wasting space. The DECT repeater itself is robustly built and durable for a very long time. There is also a manual, which describes the installation of the device again in detail. Also a power adapter for connection is included in the scope of delivery.

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4th place: Siemens Gigaset DECT Repeater

The Siemens Gigaset Repeater can be used to Amplification of telephone signals be used. So you can easily use the Range of your own DECT telephones to make calls farther away from base stations. This is not just for him Home area useful but also for Firms and companies very interesting.

The DECT amplifier can do it all simply installed become. The Siemens Gigaset repeater doubled the range with which telephone calls can be made with your own DECT telephones from the base station. Not only can you make calls within this extended range, but they too receive or External calls to lead. The freedom of movement is not restricted. Up to 6 repeaters can be used in this way, which is particularly useful when there are a large number of DECT telephones.

The special thing about this DECT amplifier is that very high voice qualitywhich is still very good even at a great distance from the original base station. The included operation manual describes exactly how to install the repeater and connect it to the telephones. The device itself is great robustly built and can even be installed on the wall if there is not enough space on the floor. So you can stow the repeater inconspicuously. The two built LEDs show the status of the device and the connection with the telephones.

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5th place: Wantec SAT DECT Repeater

The Wantec DECT repeater can be used to control the Range of DECT stations and the associated cell phones double. So it is possible with this device, even over greater ranges to talk on the phone. Maximum of 5 these repeaters can be used together to increase the range of different telephones. Especially for Companies or Companies this is very useful, but also in the own four walls the Wantec DECT Repeater can improve bad connections.

The special thing about this DECT amplifier is the so-called SAT mode, with which one encrypted operation can start. So the calls you make can be encrypted. This ensures maximum security when making calls. Maximum of 4 handsets can be connected to a repeater. The DECT repeater is compatible with base stations and models from different brands; this also includes Panasonic, Vtech and Gigaset.

The DECT amplifier is also included DSL VoIP routers compatible. thanks to the Handover technology it is possible that calls can be transferred within the radio cell. So if you use several repeaters or base stations, calls can be transferred from one station to another; depending on which one enables a higher call quality. The installation and the connection of the Wantec DECT repeater is very easy and the supplied operating instructions briefly describes how the device is to be put into operation.

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Everything about DECT repeaters and DECT amplifiers

DECT repeater functionality

The DECT standard enables stable wireless telephony, both indoors and outdoors. With or without a DECT headset. This standard replaces the standards CT1 + and CT2 used before 2008, which are no longer allowed to be used today. It is planned that the DECT standard will be generally valid until 2021 and should be the basis for wireless telephony.

With this cordless standard, a range of up to 50 meters can be made possible in buildings. The range is up to 300 meters outdoors. With the help of a radio station, only a small number of users are allowed to receive a DECT connection. Depending on the model, 1 to 6 users can be connected directly to such a radio station.

Commercially available radio stations transmit at a frequency of 2.45 GHz, so that other standards cannot be hindered under any circumstances. It also prevents both WLAN networks and Bluetooth connections from being disturbed by a cordless telephone.

Increased radio range

If the range of your own radio station is not sufficient for your own home or property, the radio radius and thus the signal strength can be increased considerably with the help of a DETC repeater. Depending on the manufacturer and model, a DECT repeater can be plugged directly into a socket. The device then immediately forwards the signal.

In this way, a new radio station is activated, so to speak. This new station activation amplifies the radio signal with a newly designed DECT signal - especially in difficult areas. That is why a DECT repeater is often referred to as a signal amplifier.

It is very good that such DECT repeaters also support the most innovative technologies and thus optimal signal distribution can be made possible everywhere. In this way, encrypted signal data can also be sent out. Depending on the model and functionality, there are also various other additions that can be used, for example, to distribute additional signals (e.g. with a DECT door intercom).

Appearance and furnishings

DECT repeaters are mostly small, handy boxes. Many models are space-saving, very light in weight and can be used anywhere. These small devices pick up the signal from a DECT-capable landline telephone or the signal from the radio station. The signal is immediately amplified and passed on to the DECT telephone.

The same principle also applies to the WLAN repeater. Since the signal connection between the individual devices is wireless, the DECT repeater is usually installed in the middle of the highest distance between the radio station and landline telephone. Most models can be conveniently and easily attached to a wall. Many DECT repeaters can also be stowed in a cupboard or a drawer to save space.


The installation of a DECT repeater is equivalent to the installation of a WLAN repeater. It is generally advisable to read the installation instructions, which should always be included in the scope of delivery, carefully before setting up the DECT repeater.

Most models can be plugged directly into a socket. If the DECT repeater is supplied with sufficient power, it must be registered with the radio station. This registration differs from model to model and should also always be read carefully.

Normally, however, the registration of the DECT repeater with a radio station is very easy to understand and can be done both manually and automatically. To ensure that many DECT repeaters are compatible with as many different radio stations as possible, almost all companies on the product market have agreed on the internationally widespread "GAP protocol".

It is important to note in this context that "GAP" only refers to telephony and not to additional functions such as voice applications etc.

1 to 6 DECT repeaters can be registered at a radio station. However, the number of possible telephones depends on the type of DECT base station.

All DECT repeaters must always be set up in the direct reception area of ​​the radio station. For example, DECT repeaters can never be installed in a row. The reception area can always be changed in all possible directions. This is especially important if several floors, floors or buildings are to be covered with sufficient radio signal.

Once the DECT repeaters have been properly arranged, they can switch from one signal reception area to the next at will. The telephone connection is not disturbed. The ISDN telephone then automatically switches to the next reception area without you noticing anything.

  • Fritzbox 6490
  • Fritz box 7490
  • Fritz box 7590
  • Gigaset Fritzbox
  • Gigaset 2.0
  • Kx-a406
  • Kx-a405
  • Rtx 4002
  • Rtx 4002
  • Sat 5650
  • Telekom w724v
  • Telekom speedport hybrid
  • Expert
  • eBay
  • Conrad
  • Hama
  • Idealo
  • Media Markt
  • electric wire
  • Base stations
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Powerline
  • Roaming
  • connection
  • Baby monitor
  • Speed ​​port
  • analog connection
  • external antenna
  • Cheap
  • Eco mode
  • repeater
  • connect repeater
  • connect
  • behind each other
  • wired
  • to install
  • flashes
  • manual
  • handover
  • universal
  • Sign in
  • set up
  • crack
  • encrypted
  • reset to default
  • Reset
  • Range
  • position
  • health
  • Outdoors

Additional functions

The DECT standard can also be used excellently for other purposes. Special, widely popular convenience functions include, for example, tap-proof telephony, Internet radio functions, answering machines, baby monitors, various other voice applications and certain data applications or the like. In the mobile communications sector in particular, the DECT standard competes with the new 3G and WLAN.


Sales of DECT repeaters have been booming since 2008. Current models from various manufacturers and brands sometimes vary drastically in terms of price. There are conventional devices that cost around 50 euros, but also very innovative models that cost up to 550 euros. The DECT repeaters differ mainly in their many additional functions, such as HD telephony, Internet radio or tap-proof telephony.

The best brands

The best known and currently most popular DECT repeaters are offered by the quality company "AVM". AVM is known for its Fritzbox series and impresses above all with its excellent, secure workmanship and excellent, interference-free telephony. But Siemens, Hama and Avoco, as well as T-Com, are good to very good manufacturers of DECT repeaters. Among the inexpensive variants, DECT repeaters from the company RTX are particularly highlighted.

Directly to the DECT repeater test comparison table

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Reinforced signal and thus more range
  • No crackling or hissing during the phone call
  • If the device offers this function: Tap-proof telephoning
  • Further comfort functions
  • Additional costs
  • Additionally installed device (s)

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FAQs - questions that are important in relation to the purchase of a DECT repeater

Is the DECT signal tunneled over the power network or does the repeater pick up a signal from the Fritzbox or something similar?

A DECT repeater works in such a way that you plug it into a socket and the DECT signal is then received by it. The repeater then reproduces the signal. It works like its own, small radio station that can be plugged into a socket. This means, for example, that a much stronger signal is available in a room in which normally hardly any signal strength can be received.

How long does the device keep the login data without power?

Most DECT repeaters work in such a way that you simply plug them into a socket and then connect them to your own wireless router.Then the DECT repeater, like other electronic devices, is always automatically connected to the router without having to log in again.

Can the DECT repeater amplify WLAN?

DECT repeaters can be used to amplify the WLAN as well as the telephone signal. There are DECT repeaters that can only be used to amplify one of the two signals, and there are repeaters that can be used for both signals. However, these often do not amplify as much as the more specialized devices. DECT repeaters are usually built specifically to amplify the DECT, i.e. telephone, signal. There are special WiFi repeaters that can amplify the WiFi signal.

Why is it that my DECT amplifier is making strange noises?

DECT amplifiers often make operating noises. This is normal and the tones are usually not so loud that it would be disturbing. Some repeaters also have built-in acoustic error signals, i.e. signals that beep at different intervals and thus draw attention to errors. Which error signal is involved can always be found in the operating instructions for the respective DECT repeater.

Can two repeaters be switched one after the other in one direction?

Since DECT repeaters always have to be set up close to the radio station or router, they cannot be connected in a row. A DECT amplifier cannot pass the amplified signal on to another repeater, which makes switching in a row impossible.

Which phones can be connected to it?

As long as the telephone is DECT-capable, which is the case with most wireless telephones with radio stations, you can connect a repeater to the radio station. However, some DECT repeaters only work with certain telephones - but this is rarely the case. Here you should look at the operating instructions or ask the various DECT amplifier manufacturers - they can definitely provide information.

What can I do if the connection is lost?

If the connection with a DECT repeater breaks, you should simply switch it off and on again. If the connection still does not work or continues to break off, you can try to install the DECT repeater a little closer to the radio station. The DECT amplifier may be too far away to properly amplify the signal.

Does a Fritz! DECT repeater also work with a different telephone system than that of Fritz?

You can also use it to amplify other telephone systems and radio stations - that's no problem at all with the Fritz! -DECT repeater and, thanks to the simple setup, works quickly and easily.


Tips for product maintenance of DECT repeaters

Especially in apartments with very thick walls or soundproof fittings, it can be difficult to make a phone call with good sound quality and without interruption - the signal seems to rustle, crack and then break off at some point. A DECT repeater can help here - you simply have to plug it into a socket and you can then make calls in another room with an amplified signal.

However, such a DECT repeater also needs a little maintenance in order to be able to last as long as possible and to further amplify the telephone signal. These tips show how.

This is how you clean and maintain DECT repeaters

Before you start cleaning the DECT repeater, you should switch it off completely. Also, make sure to disconnect the DECT repeater from the power supply before cleaning, so as not to cause an unintentional short circuit or otherwise damage the DECT repeater. After all, DECT repeaters contain a lot of electronics that are very easy to damage as soon as the cover breaks - so be careful here.

You can first remove dust from the outside of the repeater with a commercially available microfiber cloth. Carefully wipe each side of the DECT repeater. The microfiber cloth can also be used to wipe off very light soiling when it is damp - you should make sure that the cloth is not so wet that it drips. Otherwise, liquid can seep into the interior of the repeater, which can cause problems and damage.

If there are coarse soiling on the DECT amplifier, a special plastic cleaner can also be used to clean the outside of the device. It can also be used to remove coarser dirt such as nicotine deposits that cannot be removed with a normal microfiber cloth. Simply spray the plastic cleaner on the cloth - not directly on the DECT repeater itself - and apply a little pressure while wiping until the dirt has disappeared from the DECT repeater.

A DECT repeater is an electronic device. When cleaning, make sure that no liquids penetrate the inside of the housing - otherwise a short circuit can be caused or the DECT amplifier can be irreparably damaged.

If you follow these tips for caring for your DECT repeater, you will be able to enjoy your DECT repeater for a long time to come!

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