What does the empathy quotient EQ measure

EQ test

EQ test and IQ test are sometimes confused with one another. This is a mistake because, according to the strict definitions for both, these are completely different things. The emotional intelligence is usually not expressed as a numerical value, although there are EQ tests that attempt this.

Whether you have a high level of emotional intelligence and with oneEQ test Doing well depends primarily on five personality traits suggested by Reuven Bar-On. These are:

  1. Interpersonal intelligence (social responsibility / empathy)
  2. Intrapersonal intelligence (emotional self-confidence)
  3. adaptability (Flexibility / reality check)
  4. Stress management (Resilience / impulse control)
  5. General mood (happy / depressed / optimistic)

Many theories about EQ are more general personality theories than systems of measuring skills, which the IQ test is about. Two influential models that can be viewed as "personality measurements" go back to Bar-On (1997) and Goleman (1995). Both talk about you too EQ test.

Of course, the scales of both authors are not completely congruent, but both theories present clear “EQ test” profiles. Taken together, these profiles can result in a meaningful and useful EQ measurement. Such EQ measurement can be achieved by combining the results that are considered relevant on the basis of a certain theory into an overall result.

It also shows that both models consist of personality traits that have been known for a long time and therefore cannot be considered really original and new.

An EQ test therefore practically corresponds to a personality test.

There are differences between the two models, which of course means that EQ tests created in this way will also differ from one another. Keep in mind that Bar-On's theory is closer to general personality theory and therefore potentially allows for better measurements (and EQ tests) in that context.

On the other hand, Goleman's model is more clearly oriented towards better performance in the workplace. It is therefore probably better at predicting professional success, provided that other skills Goleman assumed are also taken into account. These skills in an EQ test will bring you closer to IQ tests.

Below are the two profiles related to the scales used by Bar-On and Goleman, as well as a comparison with 123test's Dutch personality test. This test measures concepts that are closer to those of the NEO-Pi-r. An (R) after the scale indicates an inverted scale. The area of ​​overlap between the two scales actually constitutes a kind of general EQ test

Dutch personality testBar-On (1997)Goleman (1995)
Seeking excitement
Positive emotionsoptimism
anxietyAbility to Overcome Fear (R)
depressionLuck (R)
Social biasSelf esteem (R)
impulsivenessImpulse control (R)Pulse suppression
vulnerabilityStress tolerance (R)
competenceProblem solving
ConscientiousnessSocial responsibility
Striving for achievementAmbition and perseverance
Self-disciplineAbility to self-motivate
trustInterpersonal relationships
altruismResponding to the needs or wishes of others
ComplianceEasy interaction with others
Sensitivity to othersempathyEmpathic attention
FeelingsEmotional confidenceObserving feelings
intellectReality check

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