What is cognitive development

Development of cognitive skills and the joy of learning

The term cognition is derived from the Latin verb "cognoscere", which means "experience, get to know and recognize“Is translated. He denotes that human thinking in a broad sense, from experience to processing it to Knowledge and knowledge. The cognitive abilities as the basis for human thinking include attention, concentration, memory, but also creativity, planning, reasoning and imagination. Acquiring cognitive skills is an important part of early childhood developmental tasks and educational pathways. Step by step a child develops thinking as "Inner action" and can also deal with objects, people and situations that are not present. With the help of this Thought structures a child can now plan before acting and make assumptions about the outcome of processes and actions of others.

The cognitive development of a child progresses from concrete, action-oriented, egocentric to abstract, theoretical, multi-perspective thinking. It is a complex process of maturation and development in active engagement with the natural and social environment. It is closely linked to and mutually dependent on other areas of development such as the development of perception, movement and language. The starting point for cognitive development is binding of a child to his Caregivers. The more diverse his relationships with adults and other children, the more differentiated his concrete worlds of action and imagination and ultimately his abstract thinking can develop.