What are the best modern paintings

The 5 most moving paintings of modern times

Which are the most attractive, touching paintings?

Whether they are modern oil paintings, realistic, abstract or modern paintings: some fascinate the viewer more than others.

The epoch of modern art (1870 - 1950) produced some goosebumps paintings, eye-catching, irresistible, breathtaking. Beauty is a mystery and when it grips us, then with all clarity. Their glory leads our minds into a state of indulgent gratitude. Here we propose a classification, both subjective and emotional, inherent in the following paintings:

We should always ask ourselves what makes a work so moving and which works have evoked the most lively emotions?

Vincent van Gogh - "Le Champ de blé avec cyprès"

A painting that remains in everyone's memory: invites you to dream, lets your hand dip into a wheat field, carried by the wind .. painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889, Le Champ de blé avec Cypres. The painted landscape, in a constant state of an impending thunderstorm, brings a touch of movement to the work.

Jean-François Millet - "Les Glaneuses"

In the painting Les glaneuses, reminiscent of Balzac, that Jean-François Millet painted in 1857, the harvest is the act. And it is emotions that stir when you look at this work. The women carry out their movements with full awareness, harvest the field in order to be able to survive until the new season.

Edvard Munch -The Scream

The Scream by Edvard Munch, completed in 1893, is a somber painting that seems to be chasing us. The sudden and terrifying awareness of the passing of time led the painter to visualize this scream, which evokes an infinite echo to the core of our existence.

Gustav Klimt - "The Kiss"

Of course, Gustav Klimt's Kiss, painted in 1908, is part of our classification: this multi-colored painting opens up a moment of infinite gratitude and lets us experience the full color palette of our emotions.

Pablo Picasso -Guernica

Let us step a little further in time towards the terrible events of the 20th century, embodied by the last painting in our list, the abstract painting by Pablo Picasso, painted in 1937: Guernica. The importance of this painting continues to grow. Guernica has become a symbol of denouncing war crimes and protesting a totalitarian regime.

What do you think of these moving paintings? Which one would find a place with you?

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By Brice Lecompte