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What is the MET / EFT tapping technique?

The MET / EFT tapping technique is an advanced method that is now used by thousands of coaches, therapists and self-users worldwide. With the tapping technique, results can be achieved within a few minutes for problems that doctors and conventional psychologists are often at a loss for. Beginners achieve success in more than 50% of cases when used alone. Experienced users manage to solve up to 90% of their challenges themselves with MET / EFT. In the meantime, the astonishingly efficient mode of action of MET / EFT and comparable methods of energetic psychology has been scientifically proven several times and new evidence is constantly being added.

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How does MET / EFT work?

The effects of MET / EFT can be explained in many ways, and the explanations are not mutually exclusive. There are millennia-old explanations based on the meridians, but the effect can also be explained using the latest neurological findings. How in the end the interdependency is, remains a justification for the head.

Experience has shown that I can tell you that the impact of the knocking technique above all felt personally may be. For example in a personal coaching, a workshop or, best of all, in a seminar where experienced therapists or coaches teach MET / EFT. The effect is usually more impressive the more people participate. Only when these experiences were gained would I try it out on my own. A sound basis of the technology in combination with an impressive reference experience brings the most. Simply buying a book and knocking on it is just not that promising. This applies to the knocking technique as well as to all things in life. For example, who taught themselves math from a book alone ?! I think you understand what I mean.

Now to the theoretical explanatory models. Possible explanations are:

  • There are several in the body Meridianson which people's emotions flow freely. If emotions are not let out, but suppressed, an energy congestion arises on this meridian. The consequences of such energy blockages are diverse and manifest themselves up to the manifestation of various diseases. By simultaneously feeling and tapping the meridian points on the body, these energy blockages can be released again. Even with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders, the MET / EFT tapping technique has led to the complete healing of clients in a short time.
  • The existence of these meridians has been documented for over 5000 years, especially in Chinese medicine. In acupuncture, for example, you have the effect of stimulating meridian points Acupuncture needles proven - and the effect has been scientifically proven several times. A similar procedure involves the Acupressure. Here the meridian points are stimulated with the fingers instead of needles. MET / EFT is acupressure in the broader sense - so-called tap acupressure.
  • The neurology explains the effect of MET / EFT on the basis of the synaptic connection of neurons through the memory of emotional events and the restructuring and releasing of the emotions from these experiences through tapping.

Instructions for the MET / EFT tapping technique

How does the tapping work? I'll finally get into that now, and give you detailed instructions for the tapping process. There are some deviations between the various techniques and some of the methods are also evolving. My experience is mainly based on the MET knocking technique according to Franke, because I completed my training in this form of knocking therapy.

MET / EFT knock points

The 6 meridian points on the picture are tapped. The picture gives you a visual template for the points to get a better impression of the tapping points.

How do you knock?

First of all, before the actual knocking is done Attunement phrase spoken. This sentence prevents your subconscious from blocking possible changes, which is called "psychological reversal" in technical jargon. This is rarely the case, but the attunement sentence only lasts 10 seconds, so I recommend using it at the beginning of the tapping session when you are in the mood for the topic.

The attunement sentence always begins with "even though I have ... this fear / problem etc, I love and accept myself for who I am.“As you say this sentence, tap the edge of the other hand with the edge of your hand.

Then come knocking the first 5 points one after the other. The points only need to be roughly hit, it is not about precision work. The corresponding points are tapped gently with 2-3 fingers; it should feel noticeable and pleasant. Points 1-3 can be tapped on both the left and the right, but you are welcome to switch sides.

Finally, the thumb and the forefinger or middle finger spread (approx. 7-8 cm) under the collarbone are tapped on both sides.

What is being knocked?

First of all, for the successful application of the MET / EFT tapping technique, it is important to sign up for a theme to decide. Are you bothered by the loud screaming of your neighbors or a colleague at work? Is it the fear of next week's lecture? Take what's im for you now foreground stands.

Then see what kind of feelings the topic triggers in you now. Experience has shown that these are mostly fear, anger, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, resignation, powerlessness or despair. Sometimes also a feeling of anger, perplexity, helplessness or defiance.

An example of the MET / EFT instructions

As an example I take a classic, the partner (alternatively friend / parents) did not do something that he promised. Namely to wash the dishes.

  • In this case, the attunement would come first, which you pronounce out loud and knock the outer edges of your hands against each other: "Although I am annoyed that xy did not wash the dishes, I love and accept myself as I am".
  • Your first "knocking phrase" then reads "My anger that xy did not wash the dishes".
  • Say this sentence repeatedly and as loudly as possible, tapping points 1-5 5-7 times one after the other. Finally, knock at point 6 and keep knocking until the anger is gone.
  • Then, inwardly, ask yourself: “What am I feeling now?”. Instead of anger that your partner didn't play the dishes, this may now trigger anger or sadness. Then tap your anger or your sadness now.
  • The sentence is continuously changed and the feeling is named what is in the foreground NOW. For example, something more profound can emerge from the initial topic of dishwashing, such as despair that he will never do what he promises you or sadness that your partner does not listen to you.
  • Repeat the sentences exactly until the feeling behind has vanished into thin air. As a support, you can also classify the feelings on a scale from 0-10 and keep knocking until the value is 0.
  • It is important to always stay in the here and now with MET and EFT. Focus on what's in the foreground right now.
  • Finally, check your original topic again. Is there still a feeling of distress there? Then there is another facet that you may have overlooked. If the topic is neutral for you now, then you made it and can handle the situation much better now.

What's next?

This way you solve the different ones one by one layers Your stressful Emotional world on. You can imagine the principle as when peeling an onion. When all stressful emotions dissolved then you should feel neutral or even peaceful and balanced.

You can use these MET / EFT instructions for any situation you are currently in distressing feelings to have. Most of the topics you can do for yourself neutralize. Isn't it wonderful to always have a solution at hand? In the same way, you can use MET / EFT directly in future emotionally stressful situations and turn your emotions back down in order to remain fully capable of acting and relaxed.

If there are topics with which you are not making progress, I recommend that you use an experienced coach / trainer / therapist for support. You should not solve very emotional issues such as trauma or post-traumatic stress disorders on your own, but always get support.

Have fun and try it out!

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