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How to Pick the Right Offer in CPA Marketing. How To Pick The Right CPA Offer In The CPA Affiliate Program For The Traffic History Profitable Offer

Hello. You have been an arbitrator for more than 13 years. I just want to start making money on the CPA and the thought came on my mind - to offer the traffic out of context. How can I understand should I do this or not?

- What is the minimum budget I need to pour the traffic from contextual advertising?

The budget directly depends on the subject, on which you can - you can try to start from 10,000 rubles. However, it should not be the last 10,000 rubles in your pocket, because there is a 99% chance that you will not earn anything from them, but will take them to test advertising campaigns. And only after that you can use test results for scaling, and if all goes well, and for the result.

OK. I have 10,000 rubles, I can roughly imagine how search works and what contextual advertising is. What are my next steps?

In order to find the offer with which you can pour the context, create a filter according to the type of traffic in the "Program Directory".

Here I look at the catalog 995, which can enable the traffic. Not all I can agree with 🙂 How many offers is it better to start and what to look for when choosing?

Logical. If you are just starting out, it is worth choosing a maximum of 3 OPEN, otherwise you will simply be confused with ads and especially with statistics. Well, push off the budget. If there is a budget to test three offers at once, then excellent. There's a moment - when you take offers of the same type (e.g. three online home appliances for home appliances) and advertise on the same keywords from different accounts. One account will alternate your ads and will not allow you to properly compare efficiency.

When choosing a spreader, refer primarily to subjects. The better you understand it, the easier it will work - to create a keyword to produce copy of ads. Otherwise, in order to create high quality announcements, you have to dive into the topic first and then produce text.

Another interesting topic - phones, various gadgets. On the one hand, the complexity can arise in the fact that everyone knows about it, and the competition in the context will be high - at the level of large online stores pouring large budgets into promotion. On the other hand, out of hundreds of thousands of requests per month on the same iPhone, there are a few more than any other.

By the way, judging by the demand and the price, Chinese Xiaomi smartphones will now be excellent sales. View WordStat statistics, there you can find a lot of interesting insights.

After you have decided on the topic, select Offer. First, carefully read in the terms of the subscriber whether it is possible to pour contextual advertising directly to the advertiser's location. Sometimes advertisers prohibit such an option. Pay attention to the two main indicators: tariff (web master remuneration) and the percentage of confirmation.

The tariff is how much advertiser can pay for the paid order. The portion of the confirmation is a relationship between the goods purchased and the goods ordered. What is higher, the better, since the advertiser only pays for the goods purchased. For example, if you created 100 orders on your links, 40 of them were bought, then the proportion of confirmation is (40/100) * 100% \ u003d 40% \ u003d 40%

And if there are two officers: in one percentage of confirmation is low, but the tariff is higher than the rest, and in the other tariff - three head corners, but the percentage of confirmation is high. How to choose

This is where the most important math begins. And one who, sooner or later, does not take into account the profitability of the spread.

This is often found in financial advice: there are fairly high tariffs (can reach 10,000 for a confirmed order) but the percentage of confirmation is low. The same is in the furniture. Margin is high there

Visual example

They invested in the context of 150,000 rubles, they received 20 orders, each of which costs 10,000 rubles. You expect 200,000 rubles in your wallet, that is, 50,000 winnings.

And here the fact arises that the proportion of the offer confirmation is 10%. That is, out of 20 orders are confirmed (and the advertiser only pays them) two. In total, you will earn exactly 20,000 rubles. And the profit now becomes a loss of 130,000 rubles. Uncomfortable - it is said gently.

It must be calculated before you lose at least the ruble. I still don't start a project without calculating everything to the end. Of course, with a 100% chance I get, and I definitely take the test before pouring a large amount, but still I can turn out in red at times.

I'm running a table in Google Doc.

column A.

name of the offer

column B.

column C.

how many orders have I declined (how many not earned)

column D.

how many orders are open at the end of the month (that is, how much more in processing)

column E.

how much earned on already confirmed orders

column F.

Percentage of Orders Confirmed - In the initial stage, I take information from the spotter, then I use my calculated portion of the confirmation

G. pillar

possible commission (total income)

- What is the difference between the graphics "% of confirmation" and "Current share of confirmation"? Don't they fit?

As you can see in the example, there is sometimes a difference. The percentage of confirmation is displayed in the system as the average percentage of confirmation in all modes of transport. And the traffic to the site of this advertiser can perfectly give different quality. Therefore, it is important that we understand what the confirmation-confirmation portion of our intercourse is. Plus - all of a sudden you find a unique target or bunch of keywords and the conversion starts. That is why I say you have to test and mark everything.

Do you understand correctly that you are not pouring into "Offer 3" because in the table in the column in the column "possible profit" everything is "red"?

Let's just say I definitely won't be using those keywords for this listing. It's possible the offer is good, I just got it wrong with ads.

Another question, by the way. You can run 20 ads for one spotter. How do you understand what exactly didn't work? As far as I know, webmasters' stats don't see which product is precisely for sale, they just see traffic and then the number of sales and after what ads they don't see.

Yes, that's just the difficulty of working with contextual advertising on CPA. If we had access to advertisers' statistics, we would have seen which traffic ended up being which product. But of course advertisers don't distribute right and left access to their analyst.

That's why I always use SubD labels. This is a tool with which you can register information about a particular advertisement and pass this information on to the statistical network statistics. For example, we can transfer the campaign ID to the standard label, the AD group ID, the key set ID, with the corresponding AdWords macros: (CampaignID), (ADGroupID), (TargetID). A connection can be added to five of these parameters.

This is similar to UTM labels that transmit data to Google Analytics, but only this special development for Admitad Statistics.

As a result, statistics for each subid on the personal account will look like this:

- Well, and at the end of our conversation, share a few triple links or tips that will come in handy for those who solve the pouring traffic from contextual advertising. It is clear that they are much more and we can always do another interview, but still.

If you are just getting up the path of working with context strongly suggest reading Reading Keywords, there is good material "Collecting Semantics For Contextual Advertising".

When creating ads in context, try to use all allowable extensions (quick links, refinements, addresses, phone numbers, and others). This makes the announcement more visible and informative.

And I already talked about the fact that the main thing is to test and analyze everything ?!)

Sum to get started you will need:
  • test period - month;
  • budget for a trial period - at least 10,000 rubles per offer;
  • the most important thing is to take into account how much they have earned and how much they have spent. More than earned - continue, less to select new options for keywords, or even offered.

In this article, we're going to look at how to choose the right CPA offering in the CPA affiliate program. We're also going to talk about the factors that go into choosing an affiliate program - and there are several of them ... and each has its own nuances.

We will also analyze the types of purchases that users (clients) make (clients). We need to know. Why? Next, you will understand for yourself why this is so important to us ...

And don't miss anything important - all the articles in the "" section

So let's start:

What is the CPA Offering in the CPA Affiliate Program?

The CPA Affiliate Program offer is the basis of all sales, a special promotional offer that customers simply cannot refuse. It can be a product, a service, a website, website, mobile application, etc. That is, a wide variety of what applies to the Internet.

The choice of the offer is the job of those responsible, because in the end it depends on - whether you get a profit or not.
The competently chosen correct listing in the CPA Affiliate Program can create a great miracle when the market has to withdraw a new brand, product or service.

If you have a fairly extensive experience with traffic in arbitration, you can choose almost any correct offer from the existing CPA offerings ...
... because you can sell almost anything - you are already learning this.

Parameter CPA offer in the affiliate program

The CPA offering in the CPA Affiliate Program has the following required parameters:

  1. Name CPA offer in the affiliate program;
  2. Offer category (CPA offers are grouped according to topics);
  3. Each one participant has their own rules that must be strictly observed.
  4. The remuneration of the commission (depends on the complexity of the LIDA, ie the more difficult to fulfill, the higher the payment for the CPA offer);
  5. The essence of Lida (leads ... tasks, that is or what to do) - buy goods, register, subscribe, book service, etc.);
  6. LIDA reference that must be processed on its landing (LP) or site (name "Partner Link");
  7. The country of promotion (geo-location);
  8. Allowed ways of conveyance - the advertiser necessarily indicates. In the event of a breach of this requirement, it is possible to remain without benefits from the commission;
  9. The correct, creative approach to choosing and using visual and textual means to promote the CPA addition in the CPA affiliate program (selection of images, banners, headers, text itself, etc.). For commercial showcases also requires the correct configuration of the FIDA (shipment of goods from the online shop);
  10. In order to promote some offers, the webmaster must be of a certain level. Typically, there are up to three webmaster level options - basic, advanced, and super. Or there are three options for tariffs in the affiliate program - the basic tariff, an advanced tariff and a super tariff;
  11. Some offers require permission to promote an advertiser;
  12. The CPA offer can also have both KPI indicators (optional parameters - CPA network may not be allowed to specify them) :, (%) - meanwhile conversion network (%) approved by CPA, etc.

All of these parameters of the Spending CPA must be closely monitored and they are clearly prescribed in the rules of an affiliate program.

But no experience, in the initial stages - you need to learn how to choose exactly the CPA offer in the affiliate program that corresponds to certain parameters.

Therefore, we will first look at - how to shop on the Internet and we will analyze the types of purchase listed by users and their two types:

Types of purchases from buyers

Buy Pulse. - It's always random and not planned. Your buyer didn't want to do this right now. However, since the value of this purchase is not high, and the offer is quite interesting for the buyer - then he buys it on the machine.

Example: In the usual store (offline) when paying for the shopping counter at the checkout, there are always impulse consumer products - one-way coffee, chews, sneakers, promotional items, etc. And you buy them unconsciously because the cost of their low and you want, but in principle - it would be without doing it.

Conscious purchase - Carried out by the buyer only. When a person already wants something - he begins to look for and compare different options.

Therefore, before choosing the CPA offering, you need to clearly understand that depending on the nature of the purchases, there are different approaches to promotion:
There is a promotion of impulse products and products that are consciously purchased by buyers.

But now - you can consider the right choice of CPA offering in the CPA affiliate program, namely:

Which CPA offers to choose a newcomer

First, we need to decide what type of CPA to choose a beginner to begin your affiliate marketing path.

It is easiest to earn the commodity in the arbitration at the CPA offices.

In addition, it is not available for goods in large online stores - and the so-called WOW products, or "WOW products": interesting and necessary goods worth up to 2000 rubles.

WOW products (WOW products) - stable demand

This is because they always use stable demand. Their quality is also at a sufficient level and they have a low cost. And they themselves cause an unpretentious desire to own.

The most important thing about WoW goods (WOW goods) is ordinary maximumhigh Amount of remuneration.

I will explain more:

The thing is, the beginner bitrale, at the beginning of the affiliate marketing path, poses a problem - their costs almost always outweigh their income.
And that is the main and only reason why people are throwing affiliate marketing on these stages.

Large online stores cannot afford to pay a web master with a large commission fee, unlike these entrepreneurs - who sells WOW products (WOW products).

In the future he got experience - you can afford to work with absolute eliminated. But now, at the beginning of the trail - you should start with the commercial offshoes (WOW products). Because they pay exactly the greatest remuneration of the commission.

... and you can't worry that something will happen to this segment of the market.

How to choose the CPA offering in the CPA affiliate program

There are two ways to choose the CPA offering on the Affiliate CPA Network. Consider both further details:

First way to choose the CPA offering

Select the CPA offering based on the data we provide the Affiliate CPA Network.
Here it is necessary to navigate the indicator (this is the average cost of dressing, calculated for 100 or 1000 clicks.).

In some CPA networks it is also called a KPI indicator (see the screenshot below - we have already considered it before). What more he is - the better.

However, this KPI indicator is intended as a guide only - it does not give us any precise data. And this doesn't mean that when you work with CPA pledges, you'll get exactly the same thing.

So ... if you see that when this indicator ( EPC. or eCPC.) Allows you to start out in a plus - then you already have an idea of ​​which way to go.
You already understand that this product will buy (and who and how the fifth ...).
And how can it be understood?

We'll analyze, for example

Example: When a EPC. The offer CPA you choose is 20-30 rubles. - Then you have to compare that EPC. With your worth, that you click, that you ... direct target traffic to this vendor's lending.

For example - if you give 10-15 rubles for a click, then basically it is - with this CPA addition it is worth working. In addition, the cost of your click already depends on and the method of obtaining the targeted traffic.
These click costs are quite realistic to get from advertising on the social network VKontakte.

Second, to choose the CPA offering

Another way to choose a CPA offering is to select it from the CPA Network Directory (CPA Network Aggregator). Now they appeared in Runet - and beyond that there are a few a few.

The most interesting and informative directory is considered to be CPA daily. (// It has good support and feedback.

He will understand how to find and select the CPA offering you need and also provide maximum information about it.

CPA Offering - Factors Affecting the Right Choice

When making the right choice of CPA offering in an affiliate program, CPAs influence several factors:

  • Your Büdget;
  • The knowledge of the niches (the correct choice and analysis of the niche during the arbitration of traffic);
  • Demand for goods or services in the market;
  • Target sources and real;
  • Competitiveness of the CPA offer;
  • In the CPA network itself.

Now consider all these factors more ...

The budget for selecting CPA delivery matters

Your budget is one of the most important factors in your choice of CPA offering.
Because working with some of CPA's affiliate programs requires a large enough budget.

For example, financial hands-free kits require a lot to invest money.

However, if you are on a budget - choose what you people really need and that they will definitely buy.

When a person buys something consciously ( conscious purchase... earlier disassembled) - Then he will surely buy it.

And if impulse ( buy pulse.) - Here you must already have some experience in selling such goods (WOW products).

Here you need to say a few words about InfoTovars - this type of merchandise advances on a multilevel sales method.

Firstly, a free product is given out (these are products such as advice, mini-course, checklist, e-book, e-mail newsletter, etc.

In this case, the threshold for the decision to buy goods in one person is minimal. Hence, this type of offer is usually easy to work with.

But not all affiliate programs in this focus offer the most detailed statistics from webmasters so that they can control and optimize their work.

Know your offshore CPA market niche

The better you know the product, what it closes, what it can help the consumer, etc. The more efficiently you can offer an offer (Explain what this product explains to the potential buyer and ultimately sell it.

Try not to embrace these perpetrators who you do not know. However, if you don't know anything at all, follow the recommendations that go on.

Or learn a niche of forums, social networking groups and communities, use search engines, etc.

The following factor is the demand for CPA supply ...

Market demand for CPA supply

First - It is necessary to self-assess the niche of the product for sale. Evaluate How Much CPA Offering Is New Deals - New deals aren't always the best and that doesn't mean the product is ready to buy.

Only it is not yet a sign of the audience and it takes some time to "mature" - it has to happen (or the company). It just has to go for two or three months (and maybe less) - and then people will start buying it.

However, some offers need to be unscrewed ASAP ... once they show up. How can I find out in this kash? Only with the acquisition of experience.

Secondly… There is also the reverse side of the medal offers - "rejected" offers buy much less often as the demand for them has already fallen a lot. That means, you simply cannot increase the "rejected" offers in a plus.

And finally - Always evaluate seasonality with the Yandex.wordstat service.

Example: The winter hat should not be carried in summer, and summer shorts - in winter.

Traffic Sources for Affiliate Program CPA

You may only know (and be able to) one source of traffic. As a result, some affiliate programs (advertisers) may not be suitable for selection of the CPA offering.

For example, you don't know how to partner with teaser networks and promote goods like "goji berries".
You need to avoid promoting these types of goods in other promotions as these goods are definitely not to be missed.
And in teasers - he's going to go "Hurray".

Or vice versa - there is a very hot offer that people just buy deliberately. In this case, it must be promoted in contextual advertising (Google AdWords and Yandex Direct).
And then if you don't understand contextual advertising then you can't choose this affiliate program (advertiser).

The CPA affiliate program can also ban some types of traffic. This is definitely fixed. Hence, always read and disassemble the rules carefully when choosing a CPA offering.

Now we're going to deal with competitiveness ...

Competitiveness CPA offering.

The competitiveness of the CPA offering plays an important role in choosing an offering CPA.

price - If too cheap or expensive then try not to buy this product. Usually you buy with an average price - it is always sufficient.

The advertiser you like isn't always going to put a fair price on your product.
So, if you want to compete in the same advertising system, your advertiser's price shouldn't differ by 5-10% of the competition.

If the price differs by more than 10% - then it is worth moving to another traffic source and promoting the goods there.


- If the price is different in less than 10% - you can compete based on the delivery of the brand, the terms for the consumer and the design of the lending.

- If the price differs by more than 10% - then it is necessary to look for alternative sources of destination traffic.

delivery - If the buyer has to wait a long time to wait for the delivery of goods - he acquire them in order to acquire them. Users typically try to choose Courier "to the door" delivery - albeit more expensive, but more reliable. After receiving the goods, you can check them and not take them if something does not fit.

brand - People trust familiar company names and companies. Whenever possible, always join "branded" styliate programs.

Conditions for the consumer - This is a guarantee on the goods themselves and will return the goods if the warranty case occurs.

If you have a Yandex card with the advertiser's details and real contacts, you understand that he can always reproduce the goods. In this case, the purchase becomes more real.

Well the last one for today is a factor ...

Indicators of the CPA network

Not every CPA network presents objective indicators and always need to remember that for the most part, these indicators are "blurred" and do not indicate specific and precise dates on the offer you have selected.

Hence, all they have to do is focus on the last place - and even that with a large loaf.

Your indicators seem to give you a clue, direction ... and then you have to do the scrupulous work of choosing the utility and making appropriate decisions.


In this article we have the main factors to help you decide how to choose the CPA offering CPA in the CPA affiliate program.

That's all today. Next time - think about how to spend and introduce ...

Most of the time, the same CPA offers revolve around for the most part - more or less profitably. To make good money on it, you need to catch something with a demand for TREND-trend attached and have time to remove the cream.

In other cases, you have relatively small incomes and this is a proficient advertising campaign.

How Much Money Earns On The Internet.

In these places you can get really big profits where it is forbidden and in these eliminates that cannot be made at all.

The most profitable deals are in these niches that are always banned from the main sources of traffic. For a lot of money, therefore, requires non-standard approaches and tools.

But the game is worth the money that comes with such an approach to running campaigns.

Essentially the search for gaps and weaknesses in advertising morts for the passage of moderation and, as a result, a large number of penny leaders.

Exactly that there are gray systems for making super profit in arbitration, it is difficult to find such cakes in open access, nobody wants to expose their secrets to the crowd of FREEBIES and fill the feeder.

So what is it profitable bundle? This is a set of elements in an advertising campaign that delivers its result where the level of income is greater than the cost of accessing traffic.

For big yields, a bundle with more complex scheme. - It is, among other things, additional technical solutions for the direction of travel of traffic movement to another - proxy, substitutions, TDS-KI, seals, complex creative creatives.

Profitable offer for arbitration.

Example for the division with a complex bundle in the campaign:

1. Offer sex dating;
2nd source: direct;
3. Calculate at least weekly history and merged on white RK 3-5 tr.
3. Creative: "How to find a girl in two clicks", "Beautiful girl search system";
4. WAITPeage (Safeage, moderation page) - Messages on the subject where it is better to look for a woman.
5. Offer boyfriend (offer landing, right by side to vent the traffic) - a sex dating site.
6. CLOACA - cuts out moderators and checks the bots.

In such a gray way through the same direct, you can replenish the traffic on these offers that are only unscrewed in teaser networks but are in great demand - all sorts of looseness, increase and decrease body parts, etc. And the direct admit LIDA packs a low click price, and you earn "good, very" a lot.

In every source its complexity of such systems with moderation is eased with moderation, much more difficult, on the verge of the impossible in Adjk.

What does it take to start a complicated superfront bundle?

Since such systems are illegal on the internet, there is always a risk of catching the ban, but if it happens, when it does, there is a lot to make a lot during the rejuvenation of the campaign and have time to bring in really big sums.

1. Find the moderation approach, learn the forums, civic.
2. Do not wake up - do not turn several gray schemes in one account, in order to avoid a ban on gradually scaling a bundle after cutting gray, make the start of the white RK.
3. Imagination and creativity.
4. Learn and evaluate advertising competitors.
5. Proxy and Security.
6. Trust accounts and anti-saltness.

The development of a complex ligament cannot take a day and even a week. However, if in the end the campaign is moderated and you beat Central Asia - you will be rowing money into the shovel.

Further returns depend on the right and appropriate choice. There are lots of bad offshoes to dump off which is better about the side.

In general, it is necessary to only navigate on those offers that are either at the peak of popularity or are growing. If the popularity is reduced for a long time (half a year), there is no point to spend your strength in the dying direction.

In such graphs, a severe mistake can create seasonal requests. For example, the popularity is high in winter and low in summer. It needs to be remembered and taken into account.

1.7. Is there a chip on offer?

The offer should generally have a chip or feature, otherwise the wish is "stupid" not to take an action for the user. For example, even a mundane registration bonus can have a huge impact on overall implementation.

1.8. Compare offers on different CPA networks

It is also worth comparing the terms of the offer on different CPA networks. In order not to enter each network specifically, you can use the service. It compares offers on different networks and in general it is possible to choose the best conditions on the market.

1.9. Terms of traffic attraction

It is important to see if the conditions are suitable for attracting traffic. For example, users from Russia can only pay for the offer. And if there is only 60% on your website, no one is paying 40% of the traffic. If there are no restrictions on traffic - it's very good, but it doesn't always happen. So you need to read the terms.

2. What performance lock to choose a newcomer

Working with CPA networks is the most difficult. First read all the criteria that were written something above.

Next, it is necessary to understand an important question: we have the traffic and we are already among it, we are looking for an offer. Or vice versa, we look for an offer and think further about where you can include the traffic. Professional extrals choose the second option. For beginners, it is better to use the system "among the traffic we are looking for an offer."

In the beginning, choose the actions easier. Something like "registration", "send a questionnaire". In the matter of finance, it is better not to climb right away. There are the highest payouts for actions, but the odds are at least something to earn small ones.

In the beginning there is little to be had. To do this, you need to analyze the results and understand the error. Remember that the toughest of general-gram traffic is converted.

We've looked at many affiliate programs: etc. Each of them gives webmasters a wide variety of choices. Every entry is unique on its own path. There are similar in their goals, descriptions and other parameters.

When you've found multiple sources of free or paid traffic, it's the point of efficiency. There are a number of parameters and hidden moments to pay attention to the choice of the gentleman:

The moment of the counted lida. The offer can be simple and very difficult. The more difficult it is, the higher the payment. The usual LEED is much easier and faster, so paying for it is less. Each webmaster himself chooses the complexity of the partner supply.

The simplest tasks associated with new user registration, email subscription, etc., etc. Complex offers include: registration of the application in the online store, replenishment of the balance on the site and active players (in gaming -Offices). It is recommended that newcomers try out simple offers. Fast conversion and profit will please everyone pleasantly.

Cost Lida.. Its cost can range from several cents to several hundred dollars. It all depends on the complexity of the task that users need to perform. If this is regular registration or subscription, then the payment is minimal. The most expensive guides are in financial topics and online stores when the payment occurs as a percentage of the purchase.

Different payment of the offer requires the involvement of different traffic. For example, even low quality traffic can be used for simple tasks. He will offer publishers a low result.

For expensive offshoes, expensive, target, solvent traffic. Don't get it that easy. We even have to invest a certain amount of money. However, if everything is done right, you won't be waiting with high conversions and high returns.

Average performance cost from $ 1.5 to $ 20. A detailed study of the task is a detailed study of the task, money invested, and extra effort to attract users.

Landing offer.. You always need to look at the quality of the loans. Evaluate it from the user's point of view. Do you want him? Would you agree to forward: Register or Subscribe? If not, your users will not be wanted either. Attracted users will make hundreds of unique transitions, and the final word won't be. If a certain loan is not attracting attention, then you should not be wasting your time and money. Nobody canceled the behavior factor of your traffic.

Methods of Promotion and Targeting Opportunities. Always imagine how you are going to promote an offer or another. Where are you going to take traffic? How difficult should straighten out? It is very important. You can collaborate with one chart of 30 minutes and run one advertising company, and the other to spend half a day and in the end nothing. Analyze the audience that is right for a particular offering and think of how you can promote it.

The best criterion for choosing a spreader is yourself. Your intuition, personal experience and skills, interests and hobbies in the end. All of this will affect the choice of this or that offer. If you don't want to work with financial proposals, but they are suitable for all of the above, there is no need to force yourself to create an advertising company for it.

Better work with the suggestions you like the most. Very often intuition itself suggests whether you have mastered this job, whether you like the subject, what you have to work from and what prospects for the return.