What is your favorite restaurant that hack orders

Lieferando hacker attack! Customers wait in vain for their food

Delivery services are now becoming more important because many people want to avoid going to the door because of the spread of the coronavirus and restaurants only have very limited opening times.

Now is of all times Lieferando Victim of a hacker attack. Customers then get upset about the delivery service's approach.

Lieferando: Customers wait in vain for their food

Thanks to Covid-19, there are probably golden times ahead for delivery services. When the supermarket shelves are empty and people prefer to stay at home for fear of infection, they can order something to eat from the comfort of the couch.

On Wednesday evening, many customers of Lieferando thought. They ordered food online and waited for the supplier to bring it home. However, they waited in vain for the delivery man.

Hacker attack on delivery service

At around 8 p.m., the delivery service finally announced on social networks: “Our systems have been attacked and are currently being serviced to ensure the security of all data. This can lead to a delay in order processing. "

The CEO Jitse Groen from the Netherlands posted the message from the hackers, which was written in English. In this, they demanded the payment of two bitcoins, which corresponds to just under 10,500 euros, in order to end the system attack.

Lieferando confirmed to DER WESTEN on Thursday afternoon: Since 4 pm yesterday, our systems have been largely paralyzed repeatedly by a DDOS attack. ”During the hacker attack on Wednesday was extremely adept ”, which meant that many customers could not order or orders did not arrive at the restaurant. In the meantime, however, the website and app are under control again.


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Customers show little understanding

Lieferando initially did not notify its customers of the system attack either on its website or in its app. Thus, the customers ordered ignorantly and paid directly online. This fact made many customers angry afterwards. The food never got to them and their money is - at least for now - gone.

For example, they write on Twitter:

  • “It is one thing to be attacked, but if the system is currently not running, you should possibly block payments and orders on the website and the app. Because money is accepted without delivery. "
  • "With" delayed "you mean" order is not given to the restaurant at all, but we still accept money ", right?"
  • "Thanks for the tweet. I have been waiting for food from various restaurants for 3 hours, none of which answer the phone. "
  • “The news comes very early. I get complaints from customers on social media platforms that money was paid online but no food arrived. It's a shame that you don't care about your partners, especially as a new partner, a nice broken neck. "

Many customers are particularly critical of the company's lack of information policy in times of the Corona crisis:

  • “Completely dishonorable who does something like that, especially in the current situation. Hope you can do that quickly. "
  • "A really bad number, especially in these times!"
  • "They should be in quarantine without toilet paper and only with mashed potatoes."

Lieferando announced on Wednesday evening that it would reimburse orders paid online that were not delivered due to the system attack. Affected customers should contact the delivery service by email. We would like to apologize to all the restaurants and consumers affected, ”the delivery service's press office explained on Thursday.