What should i take math or ip

Why take a math test?

For the bachelor's degree programs

Primary School Teacher (IP) - Elementary Mathematics


Teacher training at grammar schools and high schools (IP) - mathematics

the regulations for enrollment stipulate that all applicants undergo a self-assessment of their mathematical abilities (self-assessment). You can use it to assess for yourself whether you have sufficient previous knowledge of mathematics to start your studies, although of course only previous knowledge that you have learned during your school days is expected.

After completing the test, you can download a PDF document. This document contains on the one hand your result and on the other hand Activation code. You must make a note of this because you have to enter this activation code during your online application in the MOIN portal. Without this code, you cannot complete your online application.

How does the math test work?

You will find one for each of the two degree programs below separate link. There you register with your e-mail address and you will then receive an at this address Verification code (This can take a few minutes). DO NOT close the login window in the browser. You have to enter your confirmation code there! Your e-mail address will be deleted immediately after your code has been sent and no further data will be saved from you. As soon as you have entered your code, you can start the test.

For editing you need paper, a pen and a calculator. When you have completed a task, you need to communicate the result to the computer. This can be a text field in which you enter a number or you have to select the correct answer from several given by ticking (multiple choice). To go to the next task, press the "Forward" button (go to the next task).

The test is limited to 60 minutes and ends automatically when the time expires. You can also submit yourself beforehand by clicking on the "Submit" button (end exam). As soon as you have confirmed the completion of the exam, you will be taken to an overview page on which you will see your final result as a percentage. In addition, you will be offered a PDF file for download, which contains more detailed information about your test result and the above Activation code that you need to write down.

A detailed one Step-by-step instructions can be found HERE and a short one Explanatory video You can find the exam system and procedure HERE

How do I get my math test?

Click here for the Mathematics Test for Elementary School Teaching (IP) - Elementary Mathematics

Click here for Mathematics Test for Teacher Training in High Schools and High Schools (IP) - Mathematics

What problems can arise?

Tablets and smartphones are not suitable for performing the math test! Laptops should be plugged into the power outlet throughout the test. We recommend the latest Firefox, Google Chrome or the latest Microsoft Edge as a browser. With other browsers, especially Safari and old versions of Edge, error messages may appear during the test. If you exit the browser or the connection is broken while the test is running, the test continues internally and ends after the 60 minutes have elapsed. You can then neither restart the test nor call up a result. In this case you have to start the registration process again and have a new confirmation code generated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the math test team: mathetest (at) uni-bremen.de

With best regards

Academic Vice Dean of Mathematics