What do celebrities look like in their yearbooks?

Munich - The US website Ancestry.com, which is mainly devoted to genealogy, also operates an archive for yearbooks. The site also features high school photos of the celebrities. Do you recognize the stars?

In the United States and Canada, almost every high school creates its own yearbook, which is used to remember a past school year. Years later, many people are amused by how boyish they looked back then. And women who later became really hot sweeps smile at their former wallflower photo.

It is no different with the big US stars: regardless of whether they are supermodels, rock singers or Oscar winners. How nice, neat and shy they used to look! A tough gangster rapper was a nondescript boy. And a cult star, who would later become the star of a globally mega-successful series in red bathing trunks, used to look as decent and virtuous as Superboy.

The yearbook photos can be viewed on Ancestry.com, which specializes in family and genealogy research. Recently the site also offers archives for yearbooks. According to the company, 53,000 images with a total of seven million images have already been uploaded. The raisins in the cake include yearbook pictures of celebrities.

Well there: poke your way through. Do you recognize the celebrities?

High School Yearbook Photos: Do You Recognize US Celebrities?

High School Yearbook Photos: Do You Recognize US Celebrities?