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Michael Sam: Why does a gay football player go to Texas?

The good news for Michael Sam is: He probably has a club again. The Dallas Cowboys are about to sign the defensive player. Sam was invited to the medical check - if he passes, the cowboys want to sign him.

The bad news: Sam is only intended for the "practice squad". He is one of those ten substitute players who take part in the regular training of the team, but do not play in the 53-strong regular squad.

Sam won't care. After the St. Louis Rams surprisingly removed him from the roster last week, it looked like the 24-year-old would remain unemployed this season. The fact that he has now found a club is not only important for himself, it is also an important signal for the NFL. Because Sam is the first openly homosexual football player in the history of the US professional league, which so far has not attracted attention for being particularly gay-friendly.

In addition to many positive reactions to Sam's outing, there was also one of a former NFL coach who told Sports Illustrated magazine: “I don't think the NFL is ready for such a (openly homosexual) player. Maybe in ten years. At the moment such a player would only cause unrest in the dressing room, no club need that. ”The coach preferred to remain anonymous in his criticism.

Low chances of use

Before coming out in February, Sam was given a very good chance of being signed in one of the first draft rounds, after all, he had been voted best defensive player in the Southeastern Conference of the college league in the preseason. He had absolutely convinced athletically.

But then the critical voices increased, which Sam did not trust Sam too much. In the draft, the NFL exchange, he was only signed in the seventh round - the last. Suddenly they had put Sam right at the bottom.

In the preparation with the St. Louis Rams, the defender was able to convince: three times he slowed down opposing quarterbacks, eleven times he was able to stop the attacking moves of the opponent. Good values ​​for a newbie. Nevertheless, the Rams sorted him out at the last squad reduction before the start of the season. Her showpiece is the defense, for Sam the chances of a regular season appearance would have been slim.

Sam is needed in Texas

But why is he going to Texas of all places? In that ultra-conservative US state whose Republican MPs recently called for forced therapy for gays. The engagement of a gay football player was more likely a club from the more liberal coastal cities.

The basketball player Jason Collins, for example, was hired after his outing first in Washington and then in New York with the Brooklyn Nets, which certainly meant an additional image boost for the Nets.