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Listen to music and more in the Apple Music app

You can use the Apple Music app to manage and listen to your library. With Apple Music subscription, you can stream millions of songs, discover new music to add to your collection, and access your library on your other devices.

Learn about the Apple Music app

How to navigate the Apple Music app:

  • On your iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device, use the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Use the sidebar on your iPad or Mac.

Listen now

If you've subscribed to Apple Music, you can use Listen Now to find your favorite music and discover more of your favorite music. You can also see a summary of your favorites, music recommendations based on what you're listening to, and more. And while you're playing, Apple Music learns what you like and organizes suggestions for music you might like into Listen Now.


If you've subscribed to Apple Music, you can discover new releases. Check out music that's high on the charts. Go to Apple Music TV to watch a live stream of music videos. * Browse playlists created by music experts and more.

* Apple Music TV is currently only available in the US and can be used without an Apple Music subscription.


Tune in to the live Apple Music radio stations to catch shows hosted by the biggest names in the music business. Stream radio stations from all over the world. And create your own stations with the music you like. Learn more about listening to the radio in the Apple Music app.


Use "Search" to find music you want to play. Quickly switch between searching your own library and the Apple Music catalog. Search for lyrics, browse categories, and get suggestions as you type to find what you're looking for.

Play and control music

Tap or double-click a song to play it. Tap the player at the bottom of the screen to control playback on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device. On your Mac, use the controls at the top of the screen.

Create a series of titles

Play a song and let autoplay select similar songs to play next. Or put music in the row of tracks you'd like to play next.

Show lyrics

Discover the lyrics of your favorite tracks. Or follow the perfectly timed lyrics as you listen to the tracks.

Find out what else you can do

Subscribe to Apple Music

Stream millions of songs, get music recommendations, and access your library on all your devices.

Buy music from the iTunes Store

If you're not an Apple Music member, or if you want to buy a track or album, you can buy music from the iTunes Store.

Create playlists

Learn how to create playlists using music from the Apple Music catalog or your own collection.

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