Toll roads are a good idea

The use of the motorways in France is subject to tolls, with a few exceptions in Alsace, Lorraine, Auvergne and Brittany as well as on the urban motorways.


The motorways are operated by various companies that set the tolls individually. Will be billed according to driven route. Payment is made to the Toll booths ("Péages").

Toll amount

The amount of the toll depends on the traveled route as well as the Vehicle class or vehicle size. You can find the prices for the main routes on the interactive map on the website (external link). The individual motorway companies have an extensive price catalog in which every route combination is listed. This can be viewed on the websites of the motorway companies.

Toll-free motorways:

  • A35 (Alsace, from the German border to Mulhouse and on to Basel)
  • A36 Mandeure - Bessoncourt
  • A31 (from the Luxembourg border to Nancy)
  • A28 (Abbéville - Rouen)
  • A84 (Caen - Rennes)
  • A20 (Vierzon - Brive-la-Gaillarde)
  • A75 (Clermont-Ferrand - Pézenas or Montpellier)
  • A75 D786 Millau-Saint Germain
  • A63 or A660 (Bordeaux - Arcachon)
  • A68 (Garidech - Albi)
  • E70 (Lyon - Saint-Etienne)
  • A34 (Sedan - Reims)
  • A10-A25-A23 (Calais - Valenciennes)
  • A77 Saint-Père - Sermoise-sur-Loire

Payment of tolls

The toll is paid in cash, With Credit cards (Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa) or via electronic fee recording using a chip (so-called Télépéage). EC / Maestro cards are NOT accepted.

You can calculate the tolls for the respective route at (external link) (French, English).

The different toll booths

There are toll booths at the entrances and exits to the motorways. At the toll booth at the entrance to the motorway, you will receive a ticket, which must be returned when you leave the motorway and the corresponding amount must be paid.

Depending on the vehicle class and payment method, you have to queue up in the appropriate lane:

  • Green Arrow: open toll booth
  • Red Cross: Switch closed
  • Sign with counter clerk: Counter with staff. Note: It often accumulates at manned counters. However, you can easily pay either with credit card or cash at the counters listed below - you have to look out for the sign here.
  • CB: Automatic counter with credit card payment. EC / Maestro cards are not accepted (fastest option)
  • Sign with money / coins: cash only
  • Shield with coinsthat fall into one basket: Payment with coins only
  • Orange "t" (Télépéage): electronic billing
  • Traces with suspended beams at a height of 2m: These can only be driven on by vehicles with a maximum height of 2m (mostly for electronic fee recording).

Vehicle classes

  • Class 1: Vehicles and trailers with a maximum height of 2 m and a permissible total weight of less than 3.5 t (for trailers only towing vehicle), vehicles of class 2 that have been converted for the transport of disabled people
  • 2nd grade: Vehicles and trailers with a maximum height of between 2m and 3m and a permissible total weight of less than 3.5t (for trailers only towing vehicle)
  • Class 3: Vehicles with 2 axles and a total height of 3m and more or a total weight of more than 3.5t
  • Class 4: Vehicles with 3 or more axles and a height of more than 3 m or a total weight of more than 3.5 t; Carriages with a height of more than 3m or a towing vehicle with more than 3.5t
  • Class 5: Motorcycles, trikes, etc.

Please note: permanent structures such as sleeping cells, cooling or air conditioning systems are added to the height. Roof racks, antennas and signs on the roof are not taken into account when determining the height. The Classification in the corresponding vehicle class takes place at the self-service counters automatically. However, it can happen that the automatic counters - where the height of the vehicles is automatically recorded - can lead to errors in the classification of the vehicles. Therefore, pay attention to the display on the monitor and in the event of a misclassification press the button “Aide” (help) or “Appel” (call) to call in personnel who can correct the error.

Disabled transport: Class 2 vehicles that have been converted for the transport of disabled people are classified in category 1. For this, however, it is necessary Toll counter with staff or to call up staff at the automatic toll collection system by pressing the appropriate button.

This overview (external link) illustrates the division of the vehicles into the classes.

Electronic billing "Télépéage"

Télépéage is a system for electronic recording of tolls. For this purpose, small boxes with computer chips ("Liber-t Box") are installed in the vehicles. When passing the toll station - there are corresponding lanes for the Télépéage - the box data is recorded and the toll is automatically debited from the vehicle owner's account. This system enables you to pass the toll booth quickly.

Tourists can also use the Télépéage lanes and this type of quick and easy payment of tolls. The "Liber-t box"Is available for vehicles up to 3.5t and 3m high and from the following providers: Bip & Go and Great tickets.

Class 3 and 4 vehicles (larger mobile homes, cars with large trailers, ...) can use the TIS-PL box use. This is via the provider toll tickets available.


A small box is glued to the windshield in the vehicle. This contains a chip. When driving through the toll station, it is automatically recognized that a chip has been attached to the car and you can pass the barriers easily and without problems. The toll charges incurred are stored on the chip and every month you conveniently receive the invoice at home and the charge is automatically debited from your account.

Available for electronic billing with the Liber-t-Box separate lanes available, these are with a orange "t" marked. Drive at a moderate speed within 4 m of the vehicle in front of you. The box emits a beep, the traffic light turns green and the barrier opens: you can drive through!

With the box you can all toll highways throughout France and numerous too toll bridges such as the Millau Viaduct, the Île de Ré Bridge, the Tancarville Bridge or the Normandy Bridge. Even the parking fees to more than 250 parking spaces can be paid for with it.

Charges for the Liber-t-Box

Bip & Go

  • One-time activation costs: € 10, shipping costs for the box: € 10
  • for regular trips to France: 1.25 € / month or 15 € / year + tolls
  • A la carte for vacation trips: € 1.70 / month in which the box is used + tolls

On the website (external link) you will find all the necessary information, an overview of the possible subscriptions in German.

Great tickets

  • One-time activation costs: € 5 plus shipping
  • Provisioning fee: for the first 28 days 1.75 €, thereafter free of charge, for long-term use: 35 € / year
  • In addition, there are the tolls for the distance traveled.

Further information can be found on the website (external link).