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Biggest and smallest teapot in the world

12th of February 2014

Impressive tea records

Whether you are preparing for an elaborate tea ceremony or making tea in between for your visit, you always choose a suitable teapot - 90 ml for yourself, 160 ml for you and a friend, 210 ml is enough for a small company. At tea ceremonies, everyone notices that Chinese tea sets are tiny and fine. But how tiny and how big can it be? Here are a few impressive examples.

Smaller than a fingertip

The potter Wu Rui Shen probably created the smallest teapot in the world - it weighs only 1.4 grams. This extraordinary masterpiece saw the light of day on November 15, 2007. The then 73-year-old master Wu has been creating tea accessories from the high-quality for several years and world famous Yixing clay. His works can be found not only in the home of tea lovers, but also in some museums in China.

Potter Wu made the impossible possible. In the manufacturing process, he handled a very fine, fragile material, clay from Yixing, and created a teapot from a large number of different parts without breaking it. The shape of the teapot hardly differs from its big sisters. Bravissimo, master!

Giant teapot from Yixing

2700000 ml! 2.7 m3! This is the largest teapot made from Yixing clay. It is 3.7 m high and weighs 980 kg without water and tea leaves. Ten potters worked on the giant for seven months. It is a shame that the teapot has not yet found its owner. Nobody has so much strength to use them. That is why it now stands as a memorial at Lake Tian Mu, not far from Yinxing.

The teapot can sing. If you shout into its spout, the answer is a dark "Hu-u-u-u".

Some Chinese claim that this teapot has magical powers and brings luck in the game. The answer “Hu-u-u-u” from the pot sounds like “Hu”, winner of the Chinese board game Madjongg. To attract the luck of the game, you should dip both hands in the spring water flowing out of the teapot and then rub them on the handle of the pot.

The tea connoisseur team wishes you enjoyable tea!

Olga Beck