Which rivers flow through the United States

The top 10 threatened rivers in the US

According to the report, Lower Colorado is facing two major challenges: water demand, which exceeds its supply, and the effects of climate change. Trump's planned budget cuts for the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Agriculture are also endangering the river, the group argues. The cuts in funds, if approved by Congress, could also result in declines in water supplies for Arizona, California and Nevada in the coming years.

In addition, the Colorado River is of special importance to the Latino communities, a third of whom live in the Colorado Basin.

"Whether as the backbone of the agribusiness or the cultural hub for faith communities, the Lower Colorado River is essential to life in the Southwest," said Maite Arce, president and chief executive of the Hispanic Access Foundation, in a press release.

Other rivers on the list include the South Fork Skykomish in Washington, the Mobile Bay River in Alabama, Georgia, the Mississippi, and the Rappahannock Rivers in Virginia.

People like to believe that roads, bridges and tunnels form the country's basic infrastructure. But it's imperative to see healthy rivers as a necessary part of it, too, according to American Rivers.

“Rivers are essential for the health and wellbeing of each and every one of us,” says Kober. “If we do not protect our rivers and restore them to their original state, we will not have reliable supplies of drinking water. Our economy, public safety and our quality of life will suffer as a result. "

The American Rivers annual list was first compiled in 1984 and lists rivers whose health and future are at a crucial turning point. The rivers are selected on the basis of three criteria: 1. The river must be of regional or national importance for people and animals.
2. The rivers and communities that depend on it are seriously threatened, especially in the face of climate change.
3. A decision is to be made on each river on the list in the coming year, which the public can influence.

Kober says Congress should reject Trump's planned budget cuts and ensure that conservation efforts and clean drinking water are fully promoted.

“Clean water should be a bipartisan goal,” she adds. "We all depend on it, as do our children and future generations."

Daniel Press is the director of the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He says the planned government cuts suggest that environmental quality in the US is good enough, resulting in "minimal funding and legal defense for existing environmental programs."

"Instead of making small strides, the government seems happy to be stepping backwards," says Press. "The result of this will harm every citizen of the United States, no matter where they live or what party they belong to."

America's Most Endangered Rivers 2017:

# 1: Lower Colorado River (Arizona, California, Nevada)

Threat: water demand, climate change

# 2: Bear River, California

Threat: New Dam

# 3: South Fork Skykomish (Washington)

Threat: New hydropower project

# 4: Mobile Bay Rivers (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi)

Threat: Poor water management

# 5: Rappahannock River (Virginia)

Threat: fracking

# 6: Green-Toutle River (Washington)

Threat: New mine

# 7: Neuse River and Cape Fear River (North Carolina)

Threat: pollution from pig breeding and chicken farms

# 8: Middle Fork Flathead River (Montana)

Threat: oil transport by train

# 9: Buffalo National River (Arkansas)

Threat: Threat posed by huge pig farms

# 10: Menominee River (Michigan, Wisconsin)

Threat: open pit sulphide mining


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