Does she show interest in me

10 signs a woman is genuinely interested in you

Surely you have long since developed your own antenna to determine whether a woman is really interested in you. Nevertheless, a checklist can do no harm. Especially when you are freshly in love ...

  1. She gives you time

If a woman is genuinely interested in you, she will want to spend time with you. Even in a jam-packed schedule, she still finds a gap.

  1. She is looking for your eyes

Women love their eyes. If she tries to make eye contact during a conversation, she'll find you comfortable around you. In addition, she will then (possibly only secretly) test how you react to her looks.

  1. She becomes physical

Small, rather subtle touches that emanate from her are a good sign: She hardly feels any distance between you and wants to know how you feel. But now you should definitely let her take the initiative.

  1. She shows interest in your life

If she talks nonstop and doesn't let you have your say, her interest isn't that great. The same applies if she lets you talk and doesn't ask any questions. But if she interrupts you to ask questions, that's a good sign.

  1. She remembers details

A really interested woman has a memory like an elephant. If you only mention in a subordinate clause that you don't like Chinese food, it will record this information permanently. On the next date, she will also inquire whether you have finally read the book you mentioned.

  1. She is playful

Silliness can hide a certain uncertainty, but in this case it is more a sign of the well-being: If she faxes and happily pokes you on the side, you have already won her heart.

  1. She is not stingy with compliments

Women are generally more economical with compliments. In return, the ones made are always meant honestly. If she praises your humor, your creativity or just your smile, then these are signs of respect and admiration.

  1. She asks about your ex

Caution, trap: (Almost) all women hate it when men talk about their former partners and perhaps even mention them with special praise. But if she asks about your ex on her own initiative, then she is interested in you and your love life so far. How dissolute have you been? Did you have many women in front of her and what was special about your former partners?

  1. She is not stingy with her charms

When a man undresses a woman with his eyes and stares at her most intimate places without being asked, she will always find it uncomfortable. However, she also knows when and how to use her stimuli. Maybe she leans forward so that you can inevitably look her into the bleed. Or she will incense her endlessly long legs for you ...

  1. She informs herself about you

If you suddenly have her as a guest on all your profiles in the social networks and she asks your colleagues about you under a recognizable pretext, her behavior clearly speaks for you. She doesn't want to stalk you through this behavior, but looks for pictures to peck at or for little hints on how she can inspire you even more for herself.

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