Hillary Clinton has immunity from prosecution

In September, Michael Flynn mocked in a television interview: "If you (people close to Clinton) are guaranteed immunity, it means that they have probably committed a crime." But it was also about Hillary Clinton's alleged email affair. Now suddenly it's Flynn himself who would like to be guaranteed immunity. Whatever that means for his delinquency.

The highly decorated ex-general was until recently the national security advisor to US President Donald Trump. His undoing was that he had contacts with Russian government representatives during the highly sensitive transition phase between the election of the president and his assumption of office.

Flynn was exposed through recordings from the FBI

That in itself is not the problem. But Flynn did not seem to be telling the truth about the content of the conversations. He hadn't made small talk with the Russian ambassador, but spoke to him about the US sanctions imposed on Russia. His false information was exposed through recordings made by the FBI, which routinely wiretaps the ambassador. Trump had to fire Flynn.

Now Flynn wants to unpack, his lawyer Robert Kelner makes this clear in a statement distributed on Twitter. Flynn has "a story to tell," he writes. And he'll be "very happy" to tell you.

But "out of respect for the committee", Flynn was unfortunately unable to make a statement. Because: "No sensible person" would face a public questioning under these "highly politicized", "witch-hunt" -like circumstances. At least not "without the assurance that you will not be exposed to unfair prosecution".

In other words, Flynn wants immunity. Otherwise he won't testify. As a reminder, Flynn himself only said six months ago: Anyone who wants immunity has probably been guilty of a crime.