Which instrument should I play?

Which instrument should I play?

Which musical instrument should I play?

So you are wondering which musical instrument suits you best? With so many options available, it is understandable that this can be a challenging and daunting question. Most musical instruments are quite expensive, so it is advisable to think twice before buying. Most of the time, the best choice for an instrument is the first that comes to mind. That musical instrument that makes your heart beat faster when you think about playing it. But if that's not an option for you or you don't know which instrument you want to play but you are sure you want to make music, then this quiz is perfect for you! If you are not satisfied with your result, just repeat the quiz! There are many possible outcomes!

Should I take music lessons?

Whether or not you should take classes depends on several things. What do you want to achieve with the music? Would you like to master your instrument like a real virtuoso or is it enough for you to just be a passionate amateur for whom the focus is on having fun? A teacher can be a great contribution, but that also depends on who they are as a person. Not all teachers are the same. And some people learn better in self-study. In addition, a teacher costs money. Nobody can make this decision for you. So think carefully and ask yourself what you want to achieve.

Which musical instrument is the best?

A very subjective question! You should rather ask yourself, “What musical instrument is it to me preferably?" So it depends. Do you want to play in a rock band, become a solo musician or be part of an orchestra? What is your favorite sound? Ask yourself questions like this and you will most likely find out! Or just take part in this quiz!

Musical instruments for children

Studies have shown that learning to play a musical instrument is of great benefit not only for adults, but especially for children. Most of the time, it's best for kids to start with something basic rather than extravagant. Depending on the age and commitment of the child, a piano, guitar or flute, for example, is perfect. But that is also a question of money. Take this quiz with your child to get ideas!

Become a musician

If you have always dreamed of becoming a musician, this quiz is excellent for you. To become a musician is the goal of many people in life. It can be challenging, it can be difficult, but most of the time, despite the hard work, it fulfills you!

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