What does IGTV mean for brands

IGTV: Everything you need to know about it now

Instagram doesn't just have a billion monthly active users. No, the social network has also introduced a new function with Instagram TV. In this little guide you will find out everything you need to know about IGTV now.

Vertical attack on YouTube

Instagram TV (IGTV) now offers you the opportunity to publish videos of up to 60 minutes. The whole thing takes place via its own app called Instagram TV. This reminds you a bit of the Snapchat Discover area, in case you haven't forgotten it. You can upload and publish videos via the app.

The specialty: the entire content is vertical and not horizontal. This has the advantage that your video fills the entire screen. But for this you have to cut back on the breadth.

In the app, the videos are filtered according to "For you", "Subscribed", "Popular" and "Watch more". Of course, you can also search for specific channels and see whether the profile you want has already uploaded something via the IGTV app.

The big question is: Is the whole thing also interlinked with Instagram, which is now used every month by one billion people worldwide and 15 million actively in Germany?

The answer is yes: On the one hand, you will soon find IGTV content in the Discover section of Instagram. In addition, the position on the far left of the stories is reserved for everything from IGTV on the respective creator's profile. However, both links are not yet live. I suspect this will happen over the next few weeks.

What are the chances of success?

Well, Instagram is clearly declaring war on YouTube and, after the stories, is now pushing the second wave of attacks with IGTV on the attention and length of stay of users.

The more we consume and the more time we spend in the Instagram cosmos, the better for them. There is also a new way for Instagram to market advertising space.

A meaningful interlinking with Instagram will be decisive for the success of IGTV, because we have all felt quite tired of apps. Very few are in the mood to download a new consumer app.

What content could work on IGTV?

Everything that entertains, provides knowledge or picks me up emotionally from somewhere. So exactly the same as on all other platforms. I checked my IGTV feed this morning. My normal friends tend to use the app for 0815 videos so they can just upload something there.

For example, a clip of Vice Germany fallen over the bouncers. In principle, it is worth taking a look at the “Popular” area, as some influencers have already uploaded IGTV-ready content here.

Should I use IGTV?

Well, it's similar to other new apps and features: I'm a fan of at least trying everything before I make up my mind.

Especially now in this early phase you can certainly take views with you, as many people are currently testing IGTV and then - if they follow you on Instagram - also see your IGTV videos.

As far as secondary use is concerned, you can split your video into several 15-second clips and then put them in your normal Instagram story.

My conclusion

I've been a big fan of vertical videos since I was on Snapchat because I don't like turning my smartphone and I usually still have the rotation lock in there. The result: I watch a lot of horizontal videos in very small and compressed. This is where IGTV comes in and makes better use of the full amount.

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Will IGTV become a YouTube killer? I actually don't care. If you want to be successful online these days, you have to understand all platforms and take advantage of the best one for you to 120 percent.

IGTV offers potential especially in the current phase. Ultimately, the content decides whether the app will be accepted and whether it will find enough fans. Should Instagram manage to integrate the whole thing really well into the mother app, the potential increases by a factor of 100,000. At least.

Let's wait! I uploaded a seven-minute explanatory video to Instagram TV via Instagram TV (meta meta!). You can find me there via my Instagram account or by simply searching for Philipp Steuer. I look forward to your feedback!

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