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Those affected often wonder what causes domestic violence. Some blame themselves or doubt whether they will be believed when they ask for help. You may think: “My friend raped me, but how can I prove that I didn't want that?” Even if there are different causes for domestic violence, it is clear that the perpetrator is always responsible for domestic violence .

Neighbors or friends are also often unsure whether they are assessing the situation correctly and how they can help. Violence in partnerships is never a private matter and looking the other way is not a solution.

The violence can manifest itself in the following way: A friend, relative or colleague suddenly withdraws from their social environment. She seems insecure, nervous, or irritable. Sudden changes in weight or increased consumption of addictive substances such as alcohol, cigarettes or tablets can also occur. Constant exhaustion or injury can also be red flags.

The life situation of a couple often also provides clues. Domestic violence often occurs in the context of changes such as the birth of a child, unemployment or separation, and stressful circumstances such as debt or addictions. Fears and uncertainties caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic can also trigger stress and the associated aggression.

Children who live in the household are also directly affected as they often witness the violence. Here, too, the symptoms mentioned can appear and should be taken seriously in any case.