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Most of us have probably already heard of the term Entrepreneur or entrepreneurship belongs. But what exactly does entrepreneur mean?

This post explains the definition and famous entrepreneurs. You will also learn how you can become one yourself.

Entrepreneur definition

The word “Entrepreneur” is made up of the French word “entre” (German: under) and “pendre” (German: to take). It literally means “to undertake”. So entrepreneur means Entrepreneur, roughly speaking, the owner and founder of a business.

Every entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, but not every entrepreneur is an entrepreneur.

What makes a good entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs generally have strong personalities, which is what sets them apart from normal entrepreneurs. You:

  • are self-employed
  • take on a lot of responsibility
  • carry a high risk in entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs own one GrowthMindset - you are strong-willed and develop innovative ideas for your company. As an entrepreneur in the start-up scene, you act on your own and always goal-oriented to advance your own company.

How do I become an entrepreneur?

The most important quality is the growth mindset. Learn how to get this mindset below. Besides, this is Founder Gen advantageous.

Qualities that make you an entrepreneur:

  • Growth mindset -In the start-up scene, a clear perspective is important in order to generate success
  • Self-confidence - Nobody has ever brought an innovative business idea to life without believing in themselves
  • Define goals - to reach your goal more efficiently and faster, you can simply use the SMART method
  • inspiration collect - you can only find new ideas by taking inspiration from great entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship founders

Famous founders and entrepreneurs

  1. Steve Jobs: Shortly after founding "Apple Computer Company" (1976) in Steve Jobs' garage, he and his friend Steve Wozniak produced one of the first personal computers called "Apple Lisa". The pc was a total failure and sold poorly. Therefore, Apple stopped production and sales a year later (1984). Despite the defeat, Jobs didn't give up, which made him one of the richest American entrepreneurs and an incredible entrepreneur.
  2. Jeff Bezos: Two years after Amazon was founded in 1994, a major competitor emerged. The Barnes & Noble bookstore had far more sales and the media published amusing articles on Amazon. But Jeff Bezos did not let himself get down and as an entrepreneur he managed to become the richest living individual in the world.
  3. Frank Thelen: In 1996, today's investor began setting up small start-ups, but with little success. "Idenion GmbH", founded in 2002, went bankrupt six years later. Instead of giving up, Frank Thelen worked on other start-ups and has been investing in small start-ups with potential since 2014 in the show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Today he has countless stakes in many start-ups.

Alternative spellings

  • Entreprenuer
  • Entrepeneur
  • Enterpreneur





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