Baileys is doing badly

Why isn't Bailey doing badly?

I understand it can get bad after a long time, but why does it take so much longer than other dairy products? Does it have anything to do with the alcohol content? If so, how does the process work?


Here is a quote from the company that makes the registered trademark Baileys Irish Cream:

Baileys® is the only cream liqueur that guarantees its taste for 2 years from the day it was made, opened or unopened, refrigerated or not stored, when protected from direct sunlight at a temperature between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius was stored.

One of the keys to achieving this 2 year shelf life is our patented process for blending fresh Irish cream with spirits and whiskey without the use of preservatives. The alcohol acts as a natural preservative for the product.

Baileys can be kept for 30 months under normal storage conditions.

If you have any concerns about a bottle of Baileys®, please check the best before date on the bottle. All bottles are now provided with a best-before date. This number is located on the lower left of the label on the back. Example: Code 11 20XY would mean that we guarantee that the product will taste perfect up to this date (XY is the year 2 years from the date of manufacture).

( Source ).

Alcohol content is the only preservative listed.

Ingredients: liqueur, acidity regulator (E331), emulsifier (E471), flavors (caffeine), color (caramel (E150b).

Source: Food Inventory Database

The alcohol protects the product from microbiological spoilage, the E331 (sodium citrate) buffers the product form damaged by acids caused by spoilage, and the E471 (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) keeps the fat of the cream in emulsion stable .

Source: my opinion as a food scientist

Bottom up!

Baileys uses a protein powder that is used to protect the cream from separating. Then everything is run through to break the cream into smaller pieces so that it stays even better suspended in the alcohol. These 2 combined steps will keep the cream from separating and keep the cream in the alcohol, which is better to keep it in.

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