How would extraterrestrial Earthlings describe

Describe an alien

Describing a person accurately is a challenge. Describing an alien is even more challenging, but also funnier. In the school book, professional, ping pong, Ali and Teddy also get to know an alien (extraterrestrial).

What does an alien look like?

The idea that there could be extraterrestrial life has already caught the imagination of many people. There are pictures, films, computer games and books about what such aliens might look like.

SPEAK: Discuss with the person sitting next to you:

  1. Who of you believe in extraterrestrial life?
  2. How would you imagine an alien?
  3. What are his characteristics?
  4. How does he differ from a person?

In the tasks ("Profile Alien") you can do one together Alien invent and one for him Characteristics create.

The first contact

How a first encounter between humans and aliens could go is a popular topic of the Science fiction. “Science fiction” is a genre that deals primarily with the future, strange worlds and space travel.

Also for the first time in the story of Ali, Ping Pong, Teddy and Profi extraterrestrial on. Can you imagine what an alien landing on Earth could look like? This is exactly what you will find out in this story:

Are you curious about the first encounter of the alien with an Earthling? The exciting story continues here:

Imagine secretly watching a UFO land. How would you react? Would you be brave This question must also be asked Ping pong, professional, Ali and Teddy put: