What's the best emoticon

These are the 10 most popular emojis in Germany

They're small, yellow and very popular: we're not talking about the Simpsons or the Minions: we're talking about emojis. You can no longer be imagined without our communication. But which emoji do we use the most? We'll tell you.

Monitoring tool provider Brandwatch has examined the use of six billion emojis over the past two years. In the recently published report, Brandwatch examined the emojis used on Twitter in particular.

With the help of classified Unicodes, positive, negative and neutrally used emojis could be distinguished during the investigation. The study also looked at the differences between male and female users.

Germans love these emojis

On average, 75 percent of the emojis used were positive. Only a quarter was clearly negative. By the way, most of the negative animated faces were used during the US presidential campaign in November 2016. At that time, the number of negative emotions increased slightly.

But which emoji is actually the most popular in Germany? We would like to reveal that to you in the latest edition of our weekly rankings. The data are weekly averages and relate to the last week.

Place 10: kissable mouth with a heart

In tenth place is the kissable mouth with a heart. The emoji was predominantly used by female Twitter users and usually in a neutral context. Overall, the kissing mouth comes up on average3.449 Mentions per week.

10th place: kissable mouth emoji with a heart. (Photo: Pixabay.com / Tumisu)

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