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How can Daniel Hardman return against Pearson's will 5 years after his resignation?

Source: Suits Wikia

Daniel Hardman was a co-founder of Pearson-Hardman. He is a lawyer and was the former managing partner before Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter threatened to expose his affair with Alicia Hardman, his wife who had cancer.

In 2007, Jessica noticed someone had stolen from the company after looking at the books of accounts. Jessica hesitates to go to Daniel with no concrete evidence and sends Harvey on for an investigation. He promises him a partnership if he is successful. Harvey soon finds the culprit as Louis, only to find out that the real culprit made Louis the fall man. With Louis' help, Harvey proves that Daniel Hardman was the one who stole from the company. When Daniel is confronted by Jessica, he reveals that his wife has cancer and that he stole this money to help her. This was enough to please Jessica, but not Harvey, who really wanted his partnership. He soon found that the money was not for Alicia, but for Monica Eton, with whom Daniel was having an affair. Harvey threatens to tell his wife about it and asks Daniel to sign a piece of paper stating that Daniel is leaving the company. Daniel reluctantly agrees. And this resulted in Hardman being no longer actively involved in the company's business and just a guy whose name was retained as a naming partner because Jessica couldn't find money to buy his stock.

First try:

Five years later, when Alicia loses the battle with cancer, Hardman returns and manages to take over the company again. Using a lawsuit brought by Travis Tanner against Harvey, she says Harvey buried evidence in a case. Harvey, who hadn't done such a thing, ordered Donna to find such evidence in the filing room. When Donna found the evidence with her name on it, she destroyed it to protect Harvey. It was later revealed that Hardman planted the CM memo to make it look like Donna had buried it, and then Travis Tanner tried to sue the company. Hardman was then fired from the company for fraudulently suing the company.

Second try :

More than two years later after his release, Hardman returns to New York again and tries to take over the company from Jessica and Harvey using senior partner Jack Soloff.