How long should I cook spaghetti

Cooking pasta: Cook pasta like a pro

Whether with tomato sauce, Bolognese or cheese: noodles are simply delicious. Learn with us step by step how to cook pasta properly

Noodles are actually very easy to make. Boil water, pour in the pasta, stir briefly, and that's it? Well, it's not that easy after all. We have a few cooking tips for you, with which you can say goodbye to overcooked pasta forever.

Step one: well salted

Even if the sauce you want to mix with the noodles is already well seasoned: Unsalted noodles don't taste good. Therefore: don't forget the salt! By the way: Coarse salt is used in Italy. Since the grains are larger, you automatically use less than with fine salt.

Step two: get to the noodles

After the salt, it is time for the noodles. For a small portion you need about 80 grams of pasta. If you want to be precise, you can simply weigh the desired amount. In Italy, people trust their feelings more here. A little tip: If you have short pasta, you can simply measure the portions with a soup plate. A soup plate that is not too full is about one serving.

Step three, four and five: stir, stir, stir

It is important that you only add the noodles to the water when it is already boiling. The water then stops boiling for a moment. You can only turn the temperature down after the water has boiled properly again. But not too much: the water should always simmer gently. Then it's time to stir, stir, stir! Otherwise the individual noodles will stick together.

By the way: oil does not belong in pasta water! It later prevents the sauce and pasta from combining nicely.

Step six: control is better

Even if the cooking time is stated on the packaging, it doesn't hurt to try again and again. This is the best way to tell when the pasta is ready. The following applies: They should be firm to the bite - "al dente", as the Italians say. So no longer crack when you bite into it, but also not be rubbery yet.

Step seven: fully sieved

If the noodles are firm to the bite, quickly get them out of the boiling water. Thanks to the hot steam, noodles will continue to cook even if they are already in the sieve. What you should definitely not do now: pour cold water over the pasta! Noodles like Italians have to be hot. In addition, the noodles do not combine so well with the sauce after the cold shower.

Step eight: a delicious duo

Before draining, remember to skim off some pasta water with a glass. You can use the water to pour your tomato sauce. This way the sauce binds better with the noodles.

We wish you "Bon appetit"!