PewDiePie is still number one on YouTuber

Pewdiepie only Youtube number two

René Resch

The Swedish YouTube star now seems to have finally lost the month-long battle for the crown against the up-and-coming channel from India.

EnlargePewdiepie only Youtube number two
© Pewdiepie @ Youtube

As early as the end of October 2018, we reported in detail that the Swedish YouTube star Pewdiepie could soon lose its place as the channel with the most subscriptions to the Indian film and record label T-Series. At the time it looked like Pewdiepie would lose his throne within a few days, but through some push and marketing campaigns, Pewdiepie was able to keep the crown for the time being.

This fight now seems lost. With 91.67 million subscribers, T-Series has been the most successful channel on Youtube since last Thursday. Even if it remains tight for the time being, on Thursday afternoon Felix Kjellberg alias Pewdiepie had around 45,000 fans less than T-Series. Both channels are growing by more than 100,000 fans every day. In the long run, however, the T-Series is likely to simply show greater growth, as the number of Internet users in India is growing rapidly.

Pewdiepie and his fans had always tried to slow down the surrender of the YouTube throne. In a rap video he insulted T-Series as “slut lasagna” and the slogan “You are India, you are losing” became the slogan of a click campaign.
Pewdiepie had repeatedly drawn attention to himself negatively in his career, you can read more about this here: