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Distribution logistics: efficient safeguarding of the ability to deliver

Only those who can deliver do business. This old merchant rule is the core task of distribution logistics: To ensure that customers receive the goods they have ordered on time, safely and in good quality. The seller must ensure that the inventory and transport costs are also correct. With the efficiency
With modern distribution logistics, customers are becoming more demanding, i. H. all products should be available everywhere, quickly and cheaply in the desired form. This book clearly describes the various aspects of distribution logistics and shows, using numerous examples of efficient distribution logistics, how companies can use the presented modular system of methods as a competitive advantage.

The content
Distribution and logistics
Distribution logistics models
International trade terms
Logistics networks
Distribution location
Storage technology and order picking
Packaging, storage and conveying aids
Identification and coding
transport logistics

The target groups
Students and lecturers in business administration and industrial engineering at colleges and universities
Practitioners who want to get an overview of the design options at the logistical interface to the customer

The author
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Reinhard Koether teaches production and logistics at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the Christ University Bangalore. He is also active in these areas as a sworn expert and management consultant.