What is the perfect form builder software

Arclab web form generator

The generator software for your web form.
Create quickly and easily
perfect forms for your homepage.


The editor for your GDPR compliant online forms

From the contact form to the order form ... the Arclab web form generator is the software for all types of forms. It also enables laypeople to easily create professional forms and gives experts full access to all important web functions.




The construction kit for your
optimal forms


The Arclab web form generator is the ideal one
Editor for all types of forms.


This works with the supplied elements
Creating online web forms is easy.


Without programming click the forms
for your homepage easily together.


You can put all the forms directly into your
integrate existing websites.


The integration is in normal websites
and also possible in CMS such as Wordpress etc.


Download the web form generator


The Arclab web form generator is suitable for all computer users ... regardless of knowledge of web design and programming
of websites, even users without any prior knowledge can quickly and easily design professional forms.


  • Simple modular principle
  • Creation without programming
  • All important form fields are available
  • Assistance programs
  • Easy integration into your website
  • Free email support
  • Test the generator now without obligation
  • All the important elements are ready
  • Freely adjustable form layout
  • No web programming necessary
  • For forms of any function
  • Integration into any website
  • Integration in Wordpress, Joomla ...
  • Forms for mobile devices and cell phones
  • Send to any number of email addresses
  • Database export
  • Free email support
  • Test the generator now without obligation
  • Full access to CSS styles
  • Insert your own HTML code
  • Insert your own Javascript code
  • Logic elements for sequence control
  • Extensive math functions
  • Completely free form layout
  • Standard and Responsive Design
  • Data import and database export
  • CMS integration and iframe
  • Free email support
  • Test the generator now without obligation



In three steps from creation to use

With the Arclab web form generator you can do without any special knowledge about programming
From websites you can easily create a professional online form for your homepage.


create a form

You help design the form
the software directly on your PC

Upload form

Load the completed form
Up on your homepage

Include form

If necessary, you can use the form
paste into one of your existing web pages




Forms according to your ideas


The choice is yours ... use the basic design, one of the included ones
Templates or adapt the design to your wishes down to the last detail.


Design example 1



Design example 2



Design example 3


You can switch between the supplied design templates or
Define all settings for the colors and shapes yourself.





All elements on board


The Arclab web form generator brings all the important elements of a web form ready with it.


are available as finished building blocks.








Special elements


The editor also provides elements for mathematical and logical operations.


So you can make calculations and create if-then links.





Forms according to the EU data protection rules

With the Arclab web form generator you can create online forms according to GDPR guidelines



  • The forms can be completely integrated into your homepage.
  • No operation via an external form service provider is necessary.
  • No form data is transmitted to us or stored by us.
  • This means that no contract for order data processing is necessary.
  • The forms do not contain any advertising or ad trackers.
  • No settings in the program or the form are necessary for the encrypted transmission of the data.

Download the web form generator




For creative designers and web professionals who are crazy about details

Would you like to design your form down to the last pixel and are you familiar with CSS, HTML and PHP ...?
Then use the full power of the Arclab web form generator ...!


The software enables extensive access to all parameters of your form. In this way, you can adapt the entire design and function of the forms perfectly to your requirements.





The most important features of the web form generator software at a glance


PHP form

The generator software creates the form as a PHP script in the form of a single file. This script file contains the entire form and can be used directly on your homepage web space together with your other websites.


License Fees and Rights of Use

You only pay a one-time license fee for the web form software and with this license you can use the program indefinitely. Any number of forms can then be created with the software.

Location of the form

You can run your form directly on your homepage.


Commercial use of the forms

All forms created with the generator software can also be used for commercial purposes.

For all types of forms

From the simple contact form to the complex form with calculations and logical instructions ... the Arclab web form generator provides all the important elements for your online form completely ready-made.


Technical requirements

The execution of PHP scripts must be possible on your homepage. Almost all web providers offer this function to their web customers as standard.

Integration into existing websites

The form can easily be integrated into any existing website with a short instruction ... more information


Format of the email transmission

The email with the form data can be received in HTML or text format.

Feedback by reply email

The user of the form can make his entries via Autoresponder be automatically confirmed ... more information


Transfer to a database

The data can be received by email as well as in aMySQL database will be transferred ... more information

Professional contact forms

The web form generator creates your personal and professional contact form for HTML and PHP websites without any legal expertise

Data security

Using it on your own web server results in a highData security, because the entries made remain under your control.