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Lose fat quickly and build muscle mass: This is possible with the training plan of the US Marines

The Training plan the U.S. Marines is what you need to get your body back in shape - you can do it in just four weeks with these marines workouts. All Exercises and Tips for one special effective training can be found here. (Also Interesting: Barbell Workout: How To Do Deadlifts Properly)

Training plan for strength, endurance and muscle mass

When it comes to training and seeing results, the most important thing is to be consistent, but also to have variety and push yourself to the limit. This will force your muscles to keep working hard and prevent them from getting used to the workout too quickly. In this way you continue to gain strength, endurance and, of course, muscle mass. What does it take on top? Of course: healthy eating - the best tips, recipes and products for healthy eating can be found here.

Marines workouts are meant to be you stronger and more resistant close. Also Daniel Craig followed such a routine in order to qualify for the role of James Bond to train the perfect body. (Fitness: Liam Neeson has the perfect workout for men over 50)

Hard but persevere: With this training plan you have to go to your limits

One thing is certain: these programs are demanding and brutal - and not everyone can keep up with them. But there is also good news: The training plans can be adjusted to achieve similar effects without being completely overwhelmed and without wanting to spend the rest of your life on the couch.

aim it is yours condition to improve and your `s whole body so to work outthat he is more Burns calories (than with most "normal" exercise routines), strength gains and eventually the Muscle mass elevated.

Training plan of the US Marines A ...

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How to Customize the U.S. Marines Training Plan for Your Fitness Level

There is one Four week planthat of the same Exercise routine which the Marines also obey. This plan contains some of the most effective and challenging exercises one can do. However, it is designed in such a way that you can also implement it. (Read everything about fitness here)

Week 1

To begin with, you should do 8-10 reps for each exercise, except for the side planks, which you should hold for 20-30 seconds on each side.

Rest for up to 60 seconds between exercises. Marines use sandbags to do that Weight increase with every exercise, but you can do them with too Dumbbells or your body weight carry out.

The exercises are:

  • pushups
  • Squats
  • Pull-ups
  • Dumbbell swings
  • Deadlift
  • Side planks

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Week # 2

For the exercises of the first week you now have to do one each Strength exercise run on the immediate one sprint follows - a superset, so to speak. For each set of sprints, you have to run as fast as you can for 8 to 15 seconds, then go back to the start and start another set. (Also Read: How To Find The Perfect Running Shoe)

Day 1: 2 supersets of push-ups and sprints - 60 seconds break - 2 sit-ups and sprints in supersets. Do 12 repetitions of each exercise.

Day 2: 2 supersets of pull-ups and sprints - 60 seconds break - 2 supersets of swings and sprints. Try to do 8 pull-ups and 20 swings each.

Day 3: 2 supersets of pull-ups and sprints - 60 seconds break - 2 sit-ups and sprints in the superset. Do 12 pushups and 20 sit-ups.

Week # 3

Here three sets are done in a row, with a sprint at the end. How many triple sentences can you do? It depends on your fitness level. But don't overdo it!

Day 1: 20 squats followed by 12 pushups + sprint.

Day 2: 25 swings, followed by 12 deadlifts + sprints.

Day 3: 25 squats with shoulder presses + sprint. Finish with 20 pushups.

Week # 4

In the last week you should try one of two Marines challenges, with a day's break between the two challenges.

Challenge 1: Here your sprints should be 400 meters long. You start with a double rep of 15 dead lifts. Then they sprint. This is followed by another 20 repetitions with a self-weight exercise (like push-ups) and another sprint. Complete the challenge with a super set of 25 squats and another sprint. (Also Read: This Military Burpees Routine Will Melt Your Fat)

Challenge 2: You should start with 20 swings, followed (without a break!) By 20 pushups. This is a super set. Do as many supersets as you can in 20 minutes. Then repeat the challenge after 4 weeks. (Too hot for training? The best six tips for running and training in the heat in summer)

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