Which company is suitable for chatbot development?

Chatbots in Messenger Apps - How companies can benefit from the new channel

Chatbots in different industries

Is it only worth using chatbots for e-commerce or any industry?

Chatbots offer a variety of uses in messenger apps to use the trend of mobile messaging for your own company. In the area of ​​customer service in particular, chatbots can relieve the service effort along the entire customer journey by automatically answering recurring inquiries. Customers in turn benefit from the constant availability and short response times of the bot, which can learn from every question asked and thus continuously optimize the user experience.

If information is missing to process a request, the chatbot can request this from the user. If the bot really cannot help with a request, there is the option of having the chat seamlessly taken over by an employee and thus providing the customer with optimal help in real time.

Another area of ​​application can be found in marketing. Campaigns can be implemented there with chatbots in order to benefit from the wide range of the messenger apps and direct communication with the customer. Potential customers can playfully interact with brands and products through the interactive exchange in dialogue form and with the help of photos, videos, buttons and locations. Chatbots get to know the interests of the users on the basis of which they can be segmented. Thanks to this function, personalized conversion funnels can be created, automated and further optimized. Users can then be reactivated with automated notifications, with mostly 90 percent of the messages sent being opened by the recipients.

As already mentioned, chatbots are also used successfully in e-commerce, whereby the term conversational commerce has established itself. From the product selection to the ordering process to the tracking of the shipment, it is just a few clicks in Messenger - and the bot is always available as a consultant if you have any questions. In the USA, such chatbots are already being used by Spring, Burberry, eBay, and Domino’s to increase sales and increase customer loyalty. There, customers can make the payment directly in the chat. We expect that this function will soon also be available in Germany.