Do you have a nickname?

140 great nicknames from classic to individual - and no-gos

Hardly a couple can do without a nickname. Whether beautiful, kitschy, classic or individual: We have selected 140 nicknames for men and women and divided them into eight categories. In this way you can find out which nickname suits you and your partner and which no-gos you should rather avoid.

Interesting facts about pet names

Pet names are different from nicknames. They are similar at first glance because they could also be belittled and refer to certain characteristics of a person. The big difference, however, is that nicknames can also be hurtful. Pet names, on the other hand, are only meant to be affectionate. They should - as the name suggests - verbally caress the people you love. It doesn't always have to be the classic “treasure”, individual name variations are also part of it. The most important thing is that your nicknames are authentic and that you like them.

Why do we give nicknames?

Why we give nicknames

Pet names are an everyday expression of love and appreciation. Couples can always use them in between and make their partner happy with it. Intimacy arises because the nickname is some kind of romantic insider. An individual nickname that nobody else has, welds together particularly well and creates trust. Many couples use classic nicknames such as "sweetheart", "baby", "darling" or "rabbit" for everyday life and the public. They only use the cheesy or even embarrassing nicknames, which are particularly affectionate, when they are alone.

If couples call each other by their first names, it can be a sign that they haven't been together long and haven't yet developed a high degree of emotional intimacy. Another situation is when they are mad at each other. When it comes to more serious topics, the first name is often chosen, and that's a good thing. The nickname should always be loving and there for particularly beautiful moments. Overall, however, they are always a good sign for a relationship and their acceptance helps to better overcome fears of attachment.

No-gos with pet names

There are some no-gos to using nicknames. For one, the trusting bond shouldn't be destroyed by using the names for your partner in an inappropriate situation. Calling a man "cute bunny" in front of his friends will not only bring him a few laughs, but maybe also an embarrassing nickname in the long run. A nickname is something intimate, so only entrust it to people who take you seriously about it. In general, you shouldn't use your nicknames too much to question his masculinity with a man with low self-esteem.

Another no-go relates to the names themselves. Your partner should always be able to identify with them a little. Take the opportunity to ask your significant other if he even likes his nickname. Otherwise you risk a few small crises because one part always feels a little attacked by the other. The same goes for addressing them in public. Some may find “bears” cute and suitable for the public, while others are ashamed of it. There are also some common nicknames that men not only use when flirting, but unfortunately also in a relationship, and which most women find terrible or derogatory. You can find examples of this in the chapter "You should avoid these nicknames".

140 nicknames for men and women

140 nicknames for men and women

We have compiled and categorized numerous nicknames for you. You will find classic as well as individual and cute nicknames in the following sections. We've also made a list of nicknames you'd better avoid. Some of the names are more suitable for men, some more for women. In the end, however, every couple has to know for themselves what they can identify with and what they perceive to be loving. For example, not only women but also men can be called “rabbits”.

Classic nicknames

Some of these classic nicknames for men and women are suitable for the public as they have become so established over time that almost every couple has used them at some point. "Sweetheart" and "Baby" are among the classics that the public will certainly not look at wrongly. The somewhat more belittled forms, on the other hand, can be embarrassing to the partner and are therefore only used privately by many couples. Classic nicknames always have a positive connotation and are often also flattering.

  1. Sweetheart / sweetheart / sweetheart
  2. Baby / babe
  3. Bunny / rabbit / bunny
  4. Angel / little angel
  5. Bear
  6. Sweetie / sweetie
  7. Mouse / Mausi / Mäuschen
  8. Small / small
  9. Sparrow / sparrow / sparrow
  10. Schnucki / Schnuckiputz
  11. Somersault
  12. Greater
  13. Beautiful / beautiful
  14. Dear
  15. my everything

Nice nicknames

We have selected a few nicknames for you that sound particularly dear and that your partner will surely like to hear when you use them privately. They are not as common as the classic variants, but they are suitable for most couples. By and large, they convey that the partner is special and show them that you are happy with them. Pet names are often nothing more than compliments in name form. Often they also suggest traits that the other person perceives as a compliment (e.g. Dino = tall and strong; elf = delicate, graceful and beautiful).

  1. Hero / heroine
  2. goddess
  3. Elf / little elf / fairy / magic fairy
  4. Princess / Prince / Prince Charming
  5. Adored / adored
  6. Beloved / beloved
  7. Heart leaf
  8. Dream man / dream woman
  9. queen
  10. Heart / little heart
  11. Piece of gold
  12. Angel on earth
  13. Prettiest / prettiest / pretty / prettier / beauty
  14. Hercules
  15. Dino

Pet names from the partner's first name

A popular way to find a nickname for your partner is to create one from their first or last name. Often the first syllable of the first name is taken twice (e.g. Lulu or Dede) or the name is otherwise trivialized. This works particularly well with an "-i" (e.g. Luki), a "-chen" (e.g. Peterchen) or a "-lein" (e.g. Annalein) at the end. Men use these extreme diminutive forms less than women, but we have collected examples of first names for both genders that you can use to guide your search. Women also tend to belittle their loved ones among themselves.

Pet names for men:

  1. Timmi (instead of Tim)
  2. Tommy (instead of Tom or Thomas)
  3. Peterchen (instead of Peter)
  4. Olli (instead of Oliver)
  5. Fabi (instead of Fabian)
  6. Luki (instead of Lukas)
  7. Dede (instead of Dennis or Denise)
  8. Jojo (instead of Johannes or Jonathan)
  9. Domi (instead of Dominik)
  10. Horsti (instead of Horst)

Pet names for women:

  1. Lisi (instead of Lisa)
  2. Lele (instead of Lena)
  3. Frauki (instead of Frauke)
  4. Lulu (instead of Luisa)
  5. Angi (instead of Angelina or Angela)
  6. Susi (instead of Susanne)
  7. Bees (instead of Sabine)
  8. Annalein (instead of Anna)
  9. Missi (instead of Melissa)
  10. Moni (instead of Mona)

Individual nicknames

Individual nicknames

What is most important to you? What do you think is beautiful? Compare your partner with it. It could be something to eat, an animal, a hobby, or something you especially love about him. There are no limits to your imagination. Another way is to change or belittle something in your name. We have collected a few options for you. But which nickname suits your partner best can only be decided by you. As a rule, individual nicknames arise spontaneously from a situation in which the new name just bursts out of you and you continue to use it from there. Still, it can't hurt to look at a few ideas.

Tip: Put “my” in front of all names, then they will sound much nicer (e.g. my sun, my star, my muffin).

  1. Star / asterisk / starfish
  2. Sun / sunshine
  3. Curls
  4. noodle
  5. Florets
  6. Care bears
  7. gummy bear
  8. kiwi
  9. Muffin
  10. Pom (instead of french fries)
  11. Wolfi
  12. Rosinchen
  13. Little cloud
  14. Teddy
  15. Strawberry
  16. Pancake
  17. Fischli
  18. Honey fairy / cuddly fairy
  19. Euli
  20. volley

Cute animal names

Everything that is cute is not only very popular with first names. All variations of animal names are also suitable as pet names. As long as there is only one “baby” in front of it, everything can work. You could figure out which one is your favorite animal and then give your partner that nickname. Or you think about which animal it could look like. Some baby animal names are more melodic than others. So “baby bear” sounds much nicer than “baby chameleon”. In addition, there is the degree of cuteness of the animal. A baby spider, for example, is not particularly romantic. We picked out some examples of cute names. Here, too, the rule applies: "-chen" makes everything even cuter.

  1. Bambi / fawn
  2. Baby elephant / baby fant
  3. Baby mouse / little mouse
  4. kitten
  5. Baby wombat
  6. chick
  7. Brummbär / Brummelbärchen
  8. Snail
  9. Duck / baby duck / duckling
  10. Raccoons
  11. Baby tiger / tiger
  12. Baby lion
  13. Baby panda / panda bear
  14. little monkey
  15. Cuddly kittens
  16. Dove
  17. Worms
  18. Sugar bee
  19. Cheeky badger
  20. toad

More popular nicknames

You have probably heard some of these nicknames somewhere. They are made up of the usual loving words and are sometimes associated with sweets. When we love our partner, we feel the need to look after them. It is the same with all the people we love, but especially with babies and children. For this reason, so many pet names that partners use for themselves are also used for children (such as worms, toads, stinkers, sweetheart and so on). You will surely find a suitable name for your better half among our numerous suggestions or you can simply be inspired by our ideas and come up with your very own name.

  1. Kissing ball
  2. Eye star
  3. Cream cakes / cream cakes
  4. gold treasure
  5. Hasimaus
  6. Honeysuckle
  7. Queen of Hearts
  8. Honey paws
  9. Cherry Blossom
  10. cuddling bear
  11. Stinker
  12. Sweet tooth
  13. butterfly
  14. Angel bear
  15. Cinnamon bun

Pet names from other countries

Pet names from other countries

Pet names in other languages ​​are especially nice if one of the partners comes from abroad or has already been there for a stay abroad. But even so, they can be a successful change from the German specimens. They are definitely more individual in this country and maybe you even mix one language with the other to create your own personal nickname. Different languages ​​offer different possibilities and different sounds. English nicknames in particular have found their way into the German language here and there.

  1. Honey (English for honey or treasure)
  2. Darling
  3. Babe
  4. Sugar
  5. Sweetheart (English for sweetheart)
  6. Sweetie
  7. Beauty
  8. Chéri / Chérie (French for treasure)
  9. Trésor (French for treasure)
  10. Minou (French for kitten)
  11. Ma Belle (French for my beauty)
  12. Mon Coeur (French for my heart)
  13. Mon Amour (French for my love)
  14. Ma Cocotte (French for my sweetie)
  15. Amore (Italian for love)
  16. Angelino (Italian for angel)
  17. Carino (Spanish for sweetheart)
  18. Mi Vida (Spanish for my life)
  19. Habibi (Arabic for lover / beloved)
  20. Albi (Arabic for my heart)

You should avoid these nicknames

You should avoid these nicknames

As mentioned above, there are men who give women nicknames that are not so well received. They are characterized by the fact that they have a slightly derogatory effect or are intended to emphasize the manhood of the man. They look more ostentatious than cute or romantic. In addition, some nicknames are listed here that women use and that are also not so popular with the opposite sex.

Of course there can always be exceptions, after all, each pair is individual. One example is "Adonis": Where some men have to smile and do not take the nickname seriously, others feel flattered and their self-esteem is confirmed. The same could happen with "Moppelchen": While one woman feels extremely offended by this nickname, the other can deal with it self-deprecatingly and loosely. If you want to be on the safe side, or if you haven't known your partner that long, you should avoid the following names.

  1. Sugar doll
  2. pearl
  3. Adonis
  4. Smaller
  5. Doll / doll
  6. woman
  7. bride
  8. Chick
  9. Moppelchen
  10. Barbie
  11. Madame
  12. lady
  13. Dwarf / fruit dwarf
  14. Hippopotamus
  15. slug

What does "Bae" mean?

Teenagers and young adults in particular use the word "Bae" as a nickname for their partner. Many do not even know what it means. It is nothing more than an abbreviation for "before anyone else". In German, “in front of everyone else”. So whoever is called "Bae" is the most important person in the life of the other. A similar nickname that already exists in German is "Mein Ein und Alles".

In the meantime, however, the term is used not only for the partner, but also for friends. In a friendship there are often as many verbal tokens of love as in a relationship. Many think that it is an abbreviation for baby or a synonym for treasure and therefore use "Bae" with a different meaning.

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