Why do musicians make faces while playing

Charity Concert "One World""A slap in the face from Trump"

Stevie Wonder, the Rolling Stones, Jennifer Lopez, Sam Smith, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes - these are just a few of the several dozen names of pop musicians who played at the charity concert "One World: Together at Home" on Sunday night. appeared. The aid organization "Global Citizen", together with the US musician Lady Gaga, gathered bands to thank health workers around the world during the corona crisis and to collect money for the solidarity fund of the World Health Organization. And the special thing about the concert: It took place purely virtually in accordance with the global curfew - as a sequence of videos of the musicians who had shot themselves in the stream.

Lady Gaga shines, Elton John gasps

"The message was very clear: The people in the hospitals and doctors' surgeries, but also in the neighborhood help, are now doing important and life-saving work in the Corona crisis," said DLF colleague Adalbert Siniawski, who spent the entire eight hours at home had looked at. The word "Heroes" was used several times - as is so often the case in the USA - which always sounds a bit exaggerated to German ears. This message was also reflected in the artists' lyrics, such as Lady Gaga's interpretation of the Charlie Chaplin song "Smile" - "the courageous number par excellence," said Siniawski. Elton John smacked his hit "I'm Still Standing" on the piano with an "overdone, clearly strained voice", and Taylor Swift her ballad "Soon You'll Get Better".

The only German act, Milky Chance, came across as very personable, very authentic with the international hit "Stolen Dance" from 2014: two hipster boys in the home studio - one on guitar, the other on bass - the one with a slacker -Attitude very leaned back and calmly playing her song for the best ". They gave their four minutes of time with a clear message: "Everyone has the responsibility to stay at home and thus stop the spread of the virus."

Superstars are the same and very close to us

The format of the virtual charity concert in self-made clips meant that "the sound and recording quality fluctuated significantly"; Lady Madonna ". "Of course that had a bit of potential for disappointment when the superstar pulls the video out of YouTubers in this between-door-and-hinge aesthetic - I would have liked more commitment and a special address," said Siniawski. On the other hand, the artists would have put themselves on a level with us viewers in this way, one that we all know: the shaky video chats with friends and family - "the superstars were suddenly similar to us and somehow very close".

Overall, the political message "One World: Together at Home" worked out, Siniawski said - even if the eight-hour format dragged on and the real top acts were only seen in the last two hours. The organization Global Citizen has collected donations amounting to almost 130 million US dollars, which they should go to the WHO Solidarity Fund.

"And that is probably the most important message of the evening," as Siniawski emphasized, because a few days before the concert, US President Trump accused the WHO of mismanagement in the fight against the corona crisis and ordered the US to stop paying contributions. "And with this concert the US cultural elite made an impressive gesture of solidarity with the WHO." A gesture of soldarity, which the former First Ladies of the USA, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama, also joined in the form of appeals - unlike Melania Trump. "Overall, that was not only a thank you to the Corona crisis workers, but also a slap in the face of the US government under Donald Trump."