Should I address exclusivity

Patience vs caution

You probably know it -
You met a fantastic person, had a lot of nice dates together, trust and affection rise, you are literally on cloud 7. If there weren't a few catches.
The person who did it hard to me is unfortunately a little difficult with. well me. The reason is, among other things, a long-term relationship that ended abruptly and the consequences of which are now greater caution in the getting to know each other. It was a few years ago, but my date has not had another relationship since then.
Also, my date said it would take longer to get really close to someone.

We've been seeing each other for a good 2 1/2 months, neither friends nor family are in the game yet. We meet regularly, sometimes staying overnight with each other, but it holds up a lot. spontaneous.

I'm blown away on the other side, I'd like to go one step further. It is not only the desire to bond, there is now also the fear of being "held off", possibly only to serve as a pastime.
I try really hard in the getting to know you phase, maybe. Almost too much, while my date would rather let it all happen.

To make matters worse, the person is still on the single market where we met, but I signed off a few weeks ago.

I hope that the text has not lost the thread.
So, am I too impatient? Or is my date too relaxed?

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