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Instructions / The Basics

In this guide, the Basics Explained by Minecraft. If you are familiar with the controls, you will find instructions for survival mode under “The first day”.

What is Minecraft? [Edit]

Minecraft is a game that is about mining and collecting raw materials, as well as creating and building your own buildings. The special thing about Minecraft is that the entire 3D landscape consists of cube-shaped blocks. The player is able to dismantle these blocks by hand and make tools and many other useful things from them, from which he can then build almost every imaginable structure block by block. For example, stones are mined in order to make furnaces from them, which in turn can be used to melt sand into glass. After all, the player has the free choice of whether to explore the world and seek shelter from night monsters in hiding places, or proceed straight to his own fortress, right up to large farms and cattle breeding.

What does the name mean Minecraft?[To edit]

The name means "mining industry" or "mining trade" and originally puts the player in the role of a professional mine master in a medieval fantasy world. There were caves on the first day of programming the game and the working title was "Cave Game". Soon after, the name became Minecraft found (for the history of the origin of the name, see Pre-Classic). The making of objects in the game (craft) came much later. Over the years, the game has become so versatile that the mines and caves are just one of many ways to play around today. However, the name has remained and has long been a world-wide known brand and registered trademark.

Main menu [Edit]

Minecraft is started via the launcher, where you have to log in online in the login screen in order to have the registration checked. If you want, you can also play offline in the future. You can also use the launcher to select and play old Minecraft versions dating back to the early days.

If you start Minecraft, you end up in the main menu. The button at the bottom left with the globe in a speech bubble leads to a language selection with which you can display all texts in the desired language. This selection can also be found in the options under "Language". In German there are also the buttons "Single player", "Multiplayer", "Options" and "End game" in the main menu.

With “single player” and “multiplayer” you can start or join a game. There are many setting options under "Options", including: Graphics and sound settings. The options menu can also be reached from a running game. With "End game" you leave Minecraft.

A new game

You have the choice between single player and multiplayer games. Basically there is no difference, except that in single player games you play alone in a world that is stored on your own computer, and in multiplayer games with others (or against each other) in a world that is stored on a server. The respective menus differ considerably, as you can create new worlds in the single player menu or select an already created world, whereas in the multiplayer menu you have to enter the address of a server on which a world has already been generated.

Single player [edit]

If you haven't created a world yet, you can create a new world. You can make many settings here. You can give the world any name and rename it later. "Survival", "Creative" and "Hardcore" are available as game modes. You can also set the difficulty and the rules of the game when creating a world.

If you have already created a world, you can select the last saved game and continue playing or rename or delete the world.

The default game mode is survival mode. As the name suggests, survival is the central goal. If you are not in the difficulty levelPeaceful you have to try to build a shelter until night before monsters can spawn on the surface. You start with an empty inventory and therefore have to make (almost) everything yourself. You also have to play outside of the difficulty level Peaceful pay attention to his hunger indicator, which slowly empties and can only be refilled by eating.

The creative mode is a kind of sandpit in which you can fly and place all blocks as you wish. The creative mode is ideal for realizing large projects.

Hardcore mode is similar to survival mode, but the level of difficulty is on Heavy and cannot be changed. If you die, your game save will be erased forever. It therefore makes sense to create a backup copy.

Multiplayer [edit]

Multiplayer is the server-based version of Minecraft in which multiple players can play together on one world. For details see "Multiplayer".

Control [edit]

General [edit]

In Minecraft you steer the player through a three-dimensional world. You control the direction in which it turns, you can let it go forwards, backwards and sideways, as well as jump, swim and even fly in creative mode.

You can also let the player interact with his environment. On the one hand, he can attack beings in his world or destroy the environment or mine raw materials. On the other hand, he can use special items from his inventory, for example to shear a sheep, or to place blocks such as stone in the area. He can also open doors or take items out of chests or stow them there.

Standard key assignment [Edit]

The most important keys are listed once in the standard assignment, some can be changed in the settings, for example to move with the cursor keys instead of the W, A, S and D keys that are common in computer games.

Instructions [edit]

The instructions "The First Day" explain how to start a new game and survive the first day or night without dying.

The instructions “The Second Day” then continue with what one should or must do after the first day or the first night.

Tips for building mines are given in the instructions / mining.

General tips [edit]

  • Since a Minecraft world can easily be thousands of kilometers - millions of blocks - long and wide, you get lost very quickly and unintentionally move further and further away from your base. Then when you die, you can no longer find the contents of your inventory. You should therefore mark the area around your base and the routes you have covered with prominent objects, including: with torches the way that one goes through a cave. See instructions / orientation.
  • Note that Minecraft is a game that is regularly updated with new content. Here in the wiki you can see these innovations under version history.

Other information [edit]

Tools [edit]

There are different tools:

  • Ax: For cutting down logs
  • Pickaxe: For mining ores and stones
  • Shovel: For removing earth, sand, gravel and snow
  • Hoe: For digging up soil to make it suitable for arable farming. Warning: the hoe is used differently than the other tools. To dig up a block, it is sufficient to press the right mouse button once. If you mine blocks with it, you don't get any time advantage compared to mining with your bare hands.
  • Shears: For cutting wool, leaves, vines and tall grass, as well as for shearing sheep and moss rooms. You can also use it to defuse tripwires.
  • Angel: For fishing various types of fish from bodies of water, or to harm monsters, animals or other players.

If tools are not used on the blocks for which they are intended, they will wear out faster.

Tools can be made from wooden planks, gold bars, quarry stone, iron bars and diamond and vary in quality depending on the material. However, scissors can only be made from iron.


In addition to the sword, bows and arrows can also be used for combat. These are suitable for attacking monsters from afar. This is particularly recommended for the creeper, as it does not have the chance to explode. However, you can also throw snowballs at it; these can be found in the colder regions. However, snowballs do not cause any damage (except for Lohe and Enderdrache), but only push the monsters back a little.

Difficulty level [edit]

You can also make your life easier by turning off monsters under Options. For that you have to set the level of difficulty Peaceful put. You can also lock the difficulty level by pressing the lock in the options. You can then only change it with the command and only with activated cheats (see heading).

Info [edit]

The good thing about Minecraft is that you don't have to read a set of rules to get started, you can simply start. As soon as something is unclear, go to the Minecraft Wiki under the relevant keyword and find an answer. And if that is not the case, you can try it out and write the solution in the wiki. With the help of everyone, the wiki becomes better and better for everyone.