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India. Arrival

This week I saw the first rain in India. One night a big thunderstorm passed through, with a strong wind and sometimes hail. In my small room I wasn't quite so happy, but I got through everything dry. I felt more sorry for the villagers in their mud huts. During my trip into town today, everyone was still standing in the same place. In return, we now enjoy more pleasant night temperatures and also during the day it is a bit cooler with the wind.

The other story with the interviews happened a few weeks ago. We were on a picnic in Allahbad. There we visited with the KIRAN students, the house of the first Indian Prime Minister Nehrus and the Gandhi family (not Mahatma Gandhi). Besides me, another Swiss had come along, someone with white skin. That then attracted a lot of attention from the many Indian visitors. Sometimes we were surrounded by ten Indians and were asked about our nationality and families. Most of the time, only one person is speaking to you and everyone else is listening with interest. The first question is usually: Where are you from? Since I still struggle to understand some Indians who speak English with their Indian accent, such conversations become very tedious over time. My communication then mainly consists of: what do you mean, or I don't understand ...
After 20 minutes these questions became too exhausting for me and I had to come up with some excuses to say goodbye.
From this I learned to never leave my group for a long time and to be alone in such places. I haven't had this experience in the city, so people don't have the time to ask you holes in your stomach

Interview with Tom
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KIRAN sewers and me. In the background Nehru's house.