Have Chi Masters been scientifically tested

What is qi power and has it been scientifically proven?

Qi is a term used to mean many things and it is regularly shown that the most common use as an independent energy force has no evidence of it. That said, here are some ideas of the different things that people mean when they talk about qi:

Activation of muscles and joints

"Try to move my arm! You can't! My qi keeps it up!" Many of these are good uses of body mechanics - often positions where you can use both agonist and antagonist muscles together to keep static positions structurally efficient, or smart positioning and muscle chains for dynamic movement.

Activating some of these muscles often works best with a little visualization or movement that seems completely mental - "Hold out your arm, point at something in the distance, try to reach it with your fingers as if you were yours Extending energy beyond your fingers - seen how strong your arm is now? See how hard it is to pull it down? That's qi. "

Although thinking about energy flowing to or beyond different parts of your body can help you do such things, with good body coaching you can repeat the same results in other ways so that it is not energetic Force is.

The downside, especially used in martial arts, is that you can "feel their qi by touch," which mainly reads the intention of the person's movements because you can feel subtle changes in their balance and muscle tension - basketball players do all the time when they stuck someone.

Evaluation of several body functions

If you end up studying acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine, the word qi may be used, but you will find that there are over a dozen types of qi in the body: "circulatory qi," "cardiac qi," "digestive Qi "etc.

In this case, when assessing someone and figuring out how to help them, the quality of individual qi looks at the combined results of several body functions working together - for example, your digestion affects your stomach, gallbladder, liver, small and large intestines, etc.

With that in mind, many organs are basically grouped together into one larger system, and there is nothing more to prove or disprove than is a convenient way of assessing general health, much like doctors say "circulatory system" without necessarily speaking about every part.


Many translate qi as "wind" or "breath" so it is not difficult to guess why it is sometimes used that way. No breathing = dead, breathing = alive, so it's not difficult to see how many people would see this as a sign or source of life energy. An ancient Chinese folk idea is that everyone has a limited number of breaths before they die in life. So slowing your breathing will extend your lifespan.

Life energy

This is the common method that is talked about and it includes the usual point of qi paths, acupuncture, acupressure, and even action at a distance. So far, no scientific study has proven 1: 1 or compared to traditional Chinese medicine theory, martial arts theories, or meditation / yoga type work in this way. Several studies have reported minor but notable benefits for various things (pain relief, increased limb mobility, decreased blood pressure), but nothing completely fitted.

How can we study this scientifically?

Well, there are a lot of studies going on all the time. Including in China, Taiwan, Singapore and many places where TCM is already an important part of society.

If you want to study outside of medicine I would first explicitly understand what you want to make of it, since with so many definitions and people who frequently use qi for everyone, you will want to structure your experiments and test for only one of them .

A secondary and useful context is to understand that anyone advocating a skill or skill using qi is likely to be vastly different in terms of skill and training. Outside of the Chinese TCM system, which is a fairly modern construction, everyone received individual training with different theories, qualities and skills, even within the same "school" or lineage.

And many of these things have also experienced many destabilizing factors that made it difficult to ensure transmission. Check out the history of the civil war and famine in 20th century China, where 40 million people died in a short space of time. Pile the Cultural Revolution at the top and drive out many people with these skills or schools and you can see that even people claiming the same lineage may have very different theoretical understandings and practices of qi.

So I would probably add a third level. Even after narrowing down what to test for, I would probably also sort the people who would test you by claiming that their theoretical basis is qi - since it can drastically affect what they really do and what results the outcome are.