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Profile line Drug Discovery & Delivery

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The profile line "Drug Discovery & Delivery" deals with the development and mode of action of drugs.

The main objective is to provide instructions for independent experimental scientific work. Freiburg's strong research competence in the promising areas of pharmaceutical-medical and biotechnological research is closely integrated into the teaching: Freiburg's expertise in the field of epigenetic drug research is imparted to the students by several members of an associated SFB in lectures and through active participation in the respective working groups. Further emphases in drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology qualify for production not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also for pharmaceutical and medical technology. Innovative areas such as individualized medicine are integrated into teaching thanks to Freiburg's pioneering role in drug discovery and pharmaceutical bioinformatics and are also taught within the framework of numerous collaborations with scientists from pharmacology and medicine.

The profile line also includes learning and using a wide range of different laboratory methods and devices such as assay platforms, modern analytics, various approaches to drug discovery, molecular assays, and activity measurements of drugs in cell culture. A central component of the profile line are two research internships, which are often carried out at cooperating universities and companies abroad, and in which practical knowledge in the current pharmaceutical research areas is imparted. General skills are conveyed through literature research, the presentation of the work, group discussions, the documentation and evaluation of experiments as well as the critical evaluation of results. In a further compulsory elective module, students can deepen their interests. Due to this broad range, this profile line also enables you to get to know different laboratories in the university as well as in neighboring research institutions or industrial companies.

In the profile line "Drug Discovery and Delivery " Research internships and an elective module or, alternatively, a semester abroad are completed. The total scope of the modules required to complete the degree is 120 ECTS points.