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When it comes to art, there are many areas that fascinate me very much. A big one of them is that Interactive art field. So works of art where you can contribute and become active yourself. Not only does it look fascinating, it is also fun and keeps you fit. Since I am very fascinated by this entire area and have always wanted to make something out of it, I was also very happy when Lenovo approached me with a project which is about that IdeaPad Yoga goes. A laptop, which is mainly due to its flexibility stands out.

In order to present this characteristic perfectly, I took part Lenovo shared thoughts on how to present this to the world. And then we just got into the field of interactive art. To give you a brief impression of what we mean by interactive art, here are a few examples:

“One program is running on an Arduino mounted to the lower side taking control of a set of shift registers that trigger the relays individually. A camera is mounted to the ceiling above and connected to a computer on which a second program (processing) is running. The program registers and tracks movement via the camera and sends the necessary information via a serial connection to the microcontroller. "

Close to half the size of a soccer field, Nike’s latest installation integrates users in a giant way. Write The Headline is a way for fans worldwide to send motivational messages to their favorite (Nike-Sponsored) Soccer Players via Twitter (#nikefuture), Facebook, Mxit (South Africa) and QQ (China). Selected messages will be displayed between 6pm and 6am on the Life Center, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

And for our project, too, we were able to win an artist who is a true master in the field of light projections and interactive art. We're talking about Felix Bonowski, who has already worked with his projects for, among others, Huge Boss:

Together with the artist, Lenovo and Vice, a project was created here, which is very close to my heart and which turned out to be really great. In the next few days I will explain to you exactly what we did there.

With the kind support of Lenovo

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