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10 content curation tools at a glance


A problem that many entrepreneurs and marketing experts have with content curation is that they are linked to third-party content instead of drawing potential customers to their own site. The Sniply service responds to this problem. The platform enables its users to generate a call-to-action button that appears in the shared content and refers to their own website. How it works? First, the content curator creates a CTA button. He can adapt its appearance (small box or wide footer), enter his website and enter a suitable text. Then the actual curating begins: the corresponding web content is inserted in the clear dashboard. With one click, Sniply creates a new link. If this is now distributed in the social media instead of the original link, the previously designed button always appears when the linked webpage is viewed. Since it follows the scrolling process, the reader never loses sight of the curator's hint. To make "snipping" as easy as possible, the web service provides users with a browser extension. The links created can be distributed via Buffer or Hootsuite and directly via social media channels.

Useful additional feature: Sniply also acts as a link shortener. The new snip issued by the service (this is what the company calls the hyperlinks) is always a shortlink in the format "snip.ly/…". However, some users do not like such links as they obscure which website the click leads to. Therefore you can also use your own domain. To do this, however, the name servers must point to Sniply.

The link generated by Sniply has other uses: Since the forwarding to the curated content always takes place via Sniply, the tool can analyze the behavior of the target group. In the Sniply Analytics, data such as clicks, conversions (i.e. how many visitors followed the CTA button), time on the website or the bounce rate are recorded. If you want more information, you can also use custom scripts to link other analysis tools, such as Google Analytics. The perfect marketing tool to improve statistics is the A / B test. You then store different button variants for the same link. The system uses the principle of rotation to automatically play out the various versions and analyze which one achieves the best results. However, this is only possible via the paid version. Further advantages of the different premium variants: The reference to Sniply disappears in the CTA button, several brands can be managed and teamwork is possible. The use of your own domain as a link is also chargeable.