Why is BlackBerry Messenger so popular

WhatsApp competitor BBM available for Android and iPhone

BBM for iOS and Android available now
Photo: teltarifWhatsApp is undoubtedly something of a norm among smartphone messengers at the moment. There are always reports of security problems. Nevertheless, WhatsApp continues to enjoy unabated popularity. Competitors like Joyn or TextMe have not even come close to reaching WhatsApp's customer base.

Now Blackberry wants to put its smartphone messenger BBM on a broader user base. BBM has been popular among Blackberry fans for many years, but just like Apple's iMessage can only be used on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, so far BBM has also been tied to the Blackberry ecosystem. The messenger is now also available on the largest smartphone platforms, Android and iOS. The deployment was originally planned four weeks ago. However, after technical problems, the rollout was stopped.

BBM remains permanently free

BBM for iOS and Android available now
Photo: teltarif BBM is offered permanently free of charge in contrast to its probably biggest competitor WhatsApp. In addition to Blackberry smartphone users, this also applies to iPhone and Android users. The app can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple's AppStore. The user then has to enter his email address to register and thus queue up for registration.

If you already have a Blackberry ID, you can use it to use BBM on the iPhone or an Android smartphone. In this case, it is also possible to log on to the service immediately. Interested parties who have pre-registered with Blackberry and have now been informed by e-mail about the start of the app can use the messenger immediately.

Data security as an advantage

In contrast to WhatsApp, BBM primarily wants to score points with data security. Neither an email address nor a telephone number is used as an identifier, but a PIN generated specially for BBM. Users can also network via their phone number or email address, but only if they explicitly wish to do so. Only contacts that are confirmed by the users can view the status of the user or contact him.

With the free Blackberry Messenger it is possible to chat with individuals and in groups. In addition, photos, files and voice messages can be exchanged, updates posted and groups of up to 30 people can be set up to chat together, share photos, appointments and files.

No parallel use on multiple devices possible

Disadvantage: As with WhatsApp, a BBM ID can only be used on one device. So if you use two smartphones, for example, you have to create different BBM IDs. Competitors such as iMessage from Apple, Skype from Microsoft or Google Hangouts also allow parallel use on multiple devices. The BBM also lacks a desktop client, such as that offered by Skype or Samsung's ChatON.

It remains to be seen whether BBM can establish itself on iPhone and Android. The fact that five million downloads were carried out within eight hours, as announced by Blackberry via Twitter, is very promising. However, as with the Blackberry 10 operating system, the late start could turn out to be a disadvantage compared to the competition.

In another message we will show you how BBM is set up and looks like on the iPhone 5S.