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A world religion

Like Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, Buddhism is one of the world's great religions. Buddhism is most widespread in Asia, with 336 million followers.

The founder of religion
Siddharta Gautama (he lived from about 560 to 480 BC) was the son of an Indian prince. After surviving a serious illness, he gave up his previous luxury life. He left his family and withdrew into solitude. There he thought a lot about life and death. According to legend, he had an enlightenment under a fig tree. It had become clear to him how people could live properly and meaningfully. Therefore he was henceforth called Buddha (that is, "The Enlightened One"). He went through the country and proclaimed his teaching, Buddhism. Buddha is revered as a teacher and role model by the followers of this religious community.
Religious content
In order to overcome the suffering in life, people should follow the teachings of the Buddha. This includes that they should not kill, steal, lie or drink alcohol. It is important to find a balanced, "middle" way of life and not to fall into extremes. Buddhists believe that people are born again often, and only those who live according to the principles of Buddhism will one day be saved from being born again. According to the belief, he will then finally enter nirvana (“nothing”).

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