Can you play a game with brainfuck

Programming languages ​​card game code: deck

  • Card set with 55 cards
  • Available in poker and bridge format
  • Classic French sheet
  • Each card contains the corresponding description in one of 13 programming languages

A simple game of cards can often still be the best pastime. For example, when external influences push you to analogue entertainment. Like lame university computers, power outages, camping holidays ...
However, you can even make a normal card game geeky, like the developers of code: deck show that all come from IT. :)

Each of the 55 cards that can be selected in the Poker format (6.6cm x 8.9cm) or in Bridge format (5.7cm x 8.5cm) are available, contains their very own code, which looks like this for the king of spades (of course without spaces):

<section class= "spades">
<h1> King </h1>
<em> HTML </em>
<code> ... </code>

Of course, it is also a little more demanding than HTML, the following languages ​​are included in the deck: Assembly, Bash, C ++, Brainfuck, Python, Objective-C, C #, Java, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL and HTML. (And yes, we realize that these are not all programming languages. But programming, stylesheet, database, markup language card game would just be a terrible name.;)

Would you like another somewhat unusual sample? :)


5 of spades, of course.

Of course, normal players can also play, because the cards, like regular playing cards, show the respective value at the top and bottom. And maybe one or the other will learn something about programming. The back is kept simple in black and shows the code: deck lettering.
In addition to the regular cards from 2 to ace, the set contains three jokers, which incidentally reveal the most important information about the manufacturer. ;) So you are equipped for all common card games and maybe a few new ones that you have developed yourself.

  • Contents: 55 cards
  • Material: cardboard
  • Dimensions: Poker 6.6cm x 8.9cm, Bridge 5.7cm x 8.5cm