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[How To] Make Money With Phonebook Contacts

Are you wondering how to make money from phonebook contacts? Do you think this is real or am I just dreaming about it? It's real, but not. You can make money from phonebook contacts when your contact books a hotel, flight, or train. That's cool, isn't it? What if you have a lot of travelers in your contact? Every time you book a hotel or a flight, you make money.

Goibibo is a famous company that offers various services such as hotel booking, bus booking and flight booking. So that their services are available quickly, their customers earn money with phone book contacts. Well this is not real money, but with that money you can use their services at lower prices.

The amount of money you have earned from the PhonebookContacts are used when booking a bus, for example. When booking a bus that costs Rs. 999 then Rs. 99 will be deducted from the money you have earned and all you have to pay is Rs. 900.

Although the discount is lower for the example above, you will get a higher discount for hotel bookings.

Goibibo has a wallet service called GoCash that stores the money you make from phonebook contacts.

Who loves discounts? Goibibo offers a wide range of offers for users who use their app. In addition to making money from the phone book, you can also make money through a referral program. The referral program will help you to increase your balance in the GoCash wallet with which you can make your booking.

Through the referral program you will receive Rs. 1000 as GoCash and your friend (or whoever you invite) will receive Rs. 2000. I am happy to give my referral code:


Use the app to receive discounts every time you book with Goibibo. Download the Goibibo app on your smartphone now.

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