What is the fattest animal on earth

You can find them here heaviest animals in the world - in a clear table listed! If we had just made a "Top 10" would be neither polar bear nor leatherback turtle even appeared in it. There would be only whales on all 10 places landed. For real!

Why? The blue whale isn't the only heavy whale. Right whales such as the northern right whale, the southern right whale and the bowhead whale (to name a few) are also significantly heavier than any other animal in the world. They weigh between 50 and 100 tons. That's why we have Records from the most diverse animal orders and species picked out.

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Heaviest animalblue whale190 t
Heaviest sharkWhale shark12-20 t
Heaviest land mammalelephant5-6 t
Heaviest cloven-ungulatehippopotamus4.5 t
Heaviest sealElephant seal4 t
Heaviest odd-toed ungulaterhino3-4 t
Heaviest bonefishSunfish2.3 t
Heaviest reptileSaltwater crocodile2 t
Heaviest reptileLeatherback turtle916 kg
Heaviest bearIcebear900 kg
Heaviest bird (flightless)ostrich156 kg
Heaviest snakeBig anaconda97.5 kg
Heaviest rodentCapybara91 kg
Heaviest penguinEmperor penguin45 kg
Heaviest crustaceanAmerik./Nordatl. lobster20 kg
Heaviest bird (capable of flying)Giant bustard22 kg
Heaviest bird of preyAndean condor15 kg
Heaviest pelicanDalmatian Pelican15 kg
Heaviest starfishThromidia catalai6 kg
Heaviest frogGoliath frog3 kg
Heaviest beetleGoliath beetle110 g

Polar Bear - Photo: Ondrej Prosicky / Shutterstock

Harder than expected

In movies, even large animals often look cute and nowhere near as big and heavy as they really are. The polar bear and the leatherback turtle alone weigh as much as a small car. If you've tried lifting a car before, you may understand what that means.

190 tons? How much is this?

A blue whale can weigh up to 190 tons. For comparison: a blue whale weighs as much as 10 city buses, 95 helicopters or 2,700 people! Still hard to imagine, right?

How do you weigh a whale?

Personal scales (the ones in the bathroom) can usually only measure a weight of up to 140 kg. So how do you weigh a giraffe or an elephant? To find out exactly, you lead the animals on a vehicle scale or truck scale. Such scales can indicate a weight of up to 60 tons. So far so good.

And what about a blue whale? It's much heavier than 60 tons. Also, how should you lift it out of the water and place it on a scale? The exact weight of living whales can usually only be estimated. However, stranded (dead) animals can be weighed. A crane scale is used for them.

The largest dinosaur

Dinosaurs were the largest and heaviest animals to ever live on land. But even they can't hold a candle to the blue whale.

The Argentinosaurus is considered to be the heaviest dinosaur at up to 100 tons. Scientists have been arguing about the exact weight for ages. Ultimately, based on the bones found, they can only guess it, but never know for sure.

Elephant Seal - Photo: Phill Danze / Shutterstock