Is Ariana Grande really talented

Does Ariana Grande have no personality?

Ariana Grande is without a doubt a great singer, but nonetheless, the 22-year-old seems to lack personality every now and then. On her “Honeymoon Tour”, Ari cannot convince all fans of herself by a long way ...

Is talent alone enough to be a great pop star? This question is justified because there is one person who is incredibly talented and has a wonderful voice, but cannot convince at his shows: Ariana Grande lacks personality. At least that's what their critics say, who are of the opinion that Ari doesn't deserve such a big tour as her “Honeymoon Tour”. She is a terrific singer, but is there really nothing more behind her pretty shell?

Not a real catchy tune

Ariana Grande performs on huge stages and has an expensive and elaborate show, but ticket sales are nonetheless lacking. The singer just lacks that certain something: the one song that you can't get out of your ears - and that comes from her alone, without the support of another artist. The 22-year-old lacks personality on stage: she doesn't know how to talk to her fans. Explaining 27 times in two minutes how much you love your fans just doesn't seem enough.

More like Miley Cyrus?

“I wish Ariana Grande was more interesting. I wish she were more like Miley Cyrus, ”explains one fan. Because that's exactly what the singer is missing: She has a pretty shell and great talent, but she doesn't quite know how to place herself yet . At least that's what bad tongues say. The only thing that gave her a bit of personality was Donutgate - and that was definitely a scandal in the wrong direction. Ari still has to make a name for himself on the music market, because she still has many critics who are simply not convinced of the overall concept of “Ariana Grande”.