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Karlsruhe draws consequences after the pro-Palestine demo

After the course of pro-Palestine demonstrations in Karlsruhe was discussed far beyond the region, Mayor Frank Mentrup (SPD) announced the consequences and at the same time apologized.

Since most of the speeches in the market square were given in Arabic, he could not say with certainty that there were no anti-Semitic slogans.

“As Lord Mayor of this city, I owe the people an answer to what has been said. I'm sorry we can't clear it up. ”He understands that this uncertainty triggers a basic fear in some.

City of Karlsruhe will rely on interpreters in the future

In order to prevent such situations in the future, interpreters would have to be on site. If such protests are registered, there will always be cooperation talks in advance. "This also clarifies whether there should be foreign-language contributions," says Mentrup.

In the run-up to the two pro-Palestine rallies on Saturday behind the Postgalerie and on the market square, there were no cooperation talks with the applicants. “There was no specific reason for this,” said Mentrup at a press conference. In the end, the size of the protests was surprising: instead of the announced 150 people, around 400 gathered on the market square.

An incident there recently also called Israel's Consul General Sandra Simovich on the scene. She said it was a mistake for the police to expel a single woman who was holding an Israeli flag on the sidelines.

According to operations manager Gustav Zoller, around 150 demonstrators stormed the woman. "It would have been overrun or something worse would have happened," he says, looking back. She had been offered to book a meeting herself. For that she would have needed two colleagues. The woman did not go that route and was sent off. The flag was withdrawn. The goal was de-escalation.

Understanding of incomprehension by the consul general

From the point of view of Consul General Simovich, the message is different: if you are loud and aggressive, you will win. "I have great understanding for the lack of understanding of the consul general," emphasizes Mentrup. He could also understand the aspect of moral courage of women that Simovich mentioned - but also the efforts of the police to ensure security.

Zoller, who appeared at the press conference together with police chief Caren Denner, justified the collection of the flag, among other things with the concern that the Israeli flag could have been burned. A point that irritates the OB: "If this danger threatened, I have certain doubts whether the assessment of a peaceful process is correct."

The Karlsruhe police make no clear statement on the question of how openly friends of Israel can reveal themselves in the context of such pro-Palestine protests. Would it be okay to walk past the rally in the market square wearing an Israel T-shirt? "It depends on the distance and how you approach the rally," said Zoller.

Mentrup becomes clearer: "It is my claim that someone with a Tel Aviv shirt can walk through the city unmolested." The Karlsruhe mayor is fundamentally shocked by the current terrorist attacks on Israel. "We stand on the side of Israel and the Israelis."

The victims of this terror are all people in the country - including the men, women and children in Gaza who want to live in peace. The terrorists would use their own people as a protective shield.