What should be the best medical policy

"Best medicine" - and affordable

MUNICH. The government factions in the Bavarian state parliament have written down their ideas “For a citizen-friendly Bavaria” on 62 pages. In terms of program, the chapter on health and care policy only draws broad lines: clinics, general practitioners and specialists, pharmacies, midwives, medicine providers - they should all be available “nationwide and close to home”. The coalition of CSU and Free Voting also wants to create the conditions for “humane and loving care”, says the coalition agreement.

A country doctor quota and premium should contribute to this. A country doctor grant should also be available for specialists. The school fees for physiotherapists and Co. are to be abolished, midwives are promised a "start-up package" of 5000 euros. CSU and Free Voters announce that they will also receive obstetrics stations “at smaller locations”.

The coalition agreement does not contain an explicit guarantee of existence for small hospitals - as demanded by the free voters. Instead, it simply means that structural funding is intended to “maintain and further develop the smaller locations”. There is no mention of an Rx mail order ban in the coalition agreement.

The future state government has announced that it will increase the number of places to study medicine by 2000 - it remains unclear to which period this refers. All previously planned university projects should be adhered to, this also applies to the Augsburg University Hospital.

The previous course in care policy should not be shaken either. This applies, for example, to “a strong and effective representation of the interests of the nursing staff” - there is no mention of a nursing chamber. (fst)

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