How can I post videos on Pinterest

Here's how to create meaningful Pinterest Video Pins

Pinterest started out as an image search engine. But now companies can also publish videos on this platform. Pinterest Video Pins were born in 2016. At that time, Pinterest offered the option of displaying videos as Pins for the first time. The video was played as soon as you clicked on the relevant pin. However, these were still linked videos. It was only in November 2016 that the online platform offered its users the option of playing videos that they had saved themselves on Pinterest.

As a result, Pinterest users posted more and more videos. So the company expanded the range of Pinterest video pins and introduced the so-called promoted video pins in August 2017. Since then, marketers have been able to use the platform to better reach their target group with Pinterest Video Pins and to drive more traffic to the websites they manage.

Basics of creating Pinterest Video Pins

The easiest way to pin a video on Pinterest is still to post it on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video platform first. Then you can click the “Share” button and distribute the video as a new Pinterest video pin. Another way is to use the “Pinterest Save Button” extension. If you add them to your browser, you can pin pretty much any video you've found on the web. It is sufficient to click the icon of this extension.

Uploading videos to Pinterest is almost as easy. However, the prerequisite is that you have a business account. You log in and first click on the red "Plus" and then on "Create Pin". Then drag your video into the gray area to upload. Next, choose a suitable cover or upload your own graphic. Then define the title, the pin description and the destination link. Under "Select", choose the pin board on which you want to save the new video pin. Then click "Publish" and release the Pinterest video pin.

Pinterest video pin formats

However, Pinterest does not accept any video. Long formats such as on YouTube or other platforms are not possible here. Videos can be between 4 seconds and 15 minutes long. Widescreen (16: 9), square (1: 1) or vertical (9:16, 4: 5, 2: 3) are permitted. The file size must not exceed 2 gigabytes. Pinterest also specifies .mp4 or .mov as the file type. The title length is limited to 100 characters, 500 characters are available for the description, whereby only the first 50 to 60 characters can be seen in the feed.

When producing the video, it pays to pay attention to detail. Pinterest users prefer short, memorable films. Anything that is not immediately convincing is clicked away. The video should be professionally designed and relevant to the interests of the target audience. It is also advisable to use a short text overlay at the start of the video, or even to subtitle the entire video. Studies have shown that many users click on the Pinterest video pin and then watch the clip first without sound.

The shared video pin is then checked by Pinterest to ensure that it complies with the community guidelines. This usually takes about 24 hours. The online platform currently accepts videos in German, English and French.

Promote your own Pinterest video pin

You can also access the advertising manager via the Pinterest Business Account. If you want to increase your reach on Pinterest, you can place your ads and plan your campaigns here. The Ads Manager provides an overview of the campaign results for the last thirty days. Pinterest Analytics provide information about the performance of your own business profile and the target group. Depending on your needs, you can also have more detailed evaluations displayed, such as the results of individual campaign types.

The campaign structure on Pinterest consists of three levels: the campaign itself, the ad group and the promoted pin. At the campaign level, you select the target of your campaigns. Pinterest offers three options for this:

At the ad group level, you define your targeting using criteria such as website visitors, interactions with your own pins, demographic characteristics, interests or keywords. After that, you can decide on the placement, budget, and schedule you want.

At the promoted pin level, you specify which pins should serve as advertisements. In Ads Manager, you can choose from the Pins that have already been published. Pinterest currently offers four different ad formats: