Did you swim topless

What do you think of nudism / nude bathing


Spend a lot of time here
For everyone who has ever bathed naked:
How often do you do nudism? So do you regularly bathe naked or only in very rare exceptions? Then what are these opportunities?
so far 1 time .. or several times in one vacation
When you bathe naked, do you go to "official" nudist beaches or do you do "wild" nude bathing (e.g. just like that in the textile area; in some remote bay, hidden place when nobody else is there, etc.)?
that was the nudist job on a beach
Are you in an official nudist club or could you imagine joining such a club? If yes why? If not, why not?
no, something like a hobby doesn't have to be
Have you ever been on a nudist holiday (nudist club, nudist campsite or similar)?
When and in which situation did you do nudism for the first time (except baby swimming!)
france vacation
Do you rather bathe alone, with friends, with family, etc.?
was there with friends
Do you like nude bathing / nudism? Why do you like it?
no plan, found funny at the moment.
Have you ever had unpleasant experiences while bathing naked (e.g. tensioners, stupid turn-ons, etc.)
noe, quite the opposite
Are there good opportunities for nude bathing where you live?
well, just a lake ... you can do everything undisturbed
When planning your vacation, for example, do you sometimes find destinations where nude bathing is possible. or do you find out beforehand whether there are naturist options?
no, it turns out that way
When and where have you had the most fun bathing in the nude so far? Is there such a thing as the ultimate nudist bathing experience (dream beach? Funny situation? Romantic situation, anything you can think of)?
Only once was there in Croatia. Was pleasantly surprised. Even mostly attractive and "younger" people there on the beach.